Anthony Kinyanjui - местный частный тур гид в стране Франция

Am a social, and very engaging person, who enjoys talking with people. Similarly apt to interact with a varied array of different cultures, while maintaining respect and understanding of each. Am a foodie, and this gives me the possibility to plan, and carry out some of the most memorable food and drink tours in Marseille. I enjoy a lot of outdoors, long walks, hiking, and also exploring, very fit fellow. In the same essence, I do have a very good grasp of the history of the Great Marseille, the layout, geography, and also the location of some nicely hidden gems within the city.

My name is Anthony, ex-military, close protection qualified, currently IT specialist, and I really enjoy being a guide in my city Marseille. It is always my pleasure to ensure that travellers/guests enjoy their tour of the best that Marseille has to offer safely and securely.

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