1 Day Tour to Desert

Idioma English, Persian (Farsi)
Precio 155 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes 1 persona
Duración 1 día

Feel warmed sand under sun shine in desert. visit eastern cultural sights and take some shots of contrasts.

We start our trip from Isfahan and pass 120 kms to Varzaneh(ورزنه). on the way visit the last historical bridge along river and Jame Mosque entrance gate. then after having some refreshment we go to desert on sand hills.

during our trip you can add some more places to visit:

1. Ziar minaret (not for a mosque) (منار زیار)

2. Gaar Jame Mosque (ruin part - from outside) (مسجد گار)

3. Asiab Shotor (Mill by camel) (آسیاب شتر)

4. Gav-Chah (traditional water pump work with cow) (گاوچاه)

5. Qourtan Castle (1000 years old castle) (قلعه قورتان)

6. Barsian Jame Mosque (مسجد برسیان)

7. Pigeon tower (برج کبوتر)

8. Having lunch in traditional restaurant

Tour is including:

1. Experienced tour guide.

2. Transfer

3. refreshment + 1 small bottle of water per person

All entrance fee for extra visits should pay by clients. Meals cost are by clients. to use 4wd car, zip line and camel to enjoy should pay there.

price (per person):

1 person: 5,500,000 Rial

2 person: 2,950,000 Rial

3 person: 2,250,000 Rial

4 person: 2,350,000 Rial

5 person: 1,950,000 Rial

6 person: 1,650,000 Rial

7 person: 1,450,000 Rial

8 person: 1,250,000 Rial

9 person: 1,150,000 Rial

10 person: 1,000,000 Rial


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