Idioma Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Italiano
Costo 90 EUR por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de más de 10 personas
Duración 3 horas

The private reserve of Bandia constitutes a small jewel of ecological success by the surprising regeneration of its flora and the reintroduction of great African mammals, disappeared sometimes for centuries, under demographic pressure and poaching.

It is 65 km from Dakar and 15 km from Saly-Portudal (seaside resort of the "small coast") on the main road (N1) going towards Mbour and the Casamance.

Here is what the guide Mondios says: "Halfway between Thoiry and, in reduction, Tanzanian Ngorongoro or the Kenyan Masai-Mara, Bandia reserve, invites to pleasant photographic safaris. The capital and the beaches of Saly-Portudal, it puts the mythical African fauna within the reach of all ".

Indeed, in its 3,500 ha, one surprises with a point in the heart, the hordes of large antelopes and gazelles in a grandiose environment of giant baobabs, thorny bushes and capricious lianas.

Most animals let themselves be approached (reasonably!): The photographers are at the party! You will be permitted to dismount, including to observe closely a rhinoceros hidden by thickets; On the other hand it is better to stay in the vehicle in the presence of male ostriches (plumage black and white) willingly aggressive especially during rut.Un bar-restaurant dominates the water point where buffalos flounder to the muzzle and where the crocodiles play To the trunk of a tree, while the monkeys squabble.

In addition to animals and nature, the visitor can also discover serene pyramids with a reconstructed mortuary room, the tomb of griots in the hollow of a thousand-year-old baobab containing authentic human bones, a coal-burner, Peul huts, etc. With interesting explanations, accompanied by tasty anecdotes, by competent and often polyglot guides. In the dry season, nature lovers will even have the opportunity to go for a walk in the dry bed of the Somone River in the shade of the mahogany trees of Senegal.

The visitor can travel in a touring car or in any terrain (which can be hired on site) under the guidance of a friendly guide who has no equal to locate a giraffe, a vulture nest or a solitary buffalo. If you are not motorized, join the tours organized by the major hotels of Saly or Dakar.

In privati ​​260 euros for 02 included the visit, the vehicle, the driver, the ranger and the transport

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