Vip Tours. Customized. Price TBD depend on Size Group and Hours.

Idioma English
Costo 145 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes Cualquier número de personas
Duración 6 horas

Private Tour Personalized done by me directly or my partner. We are certificated guides with 15 years of experience and 100% bilingual. Have lived and travelled abroad that let me have the right information for our exclusive day with a executive car or van depend how many you are.

COST INCLUDE PICK UP -DROPP OFF hotel, apt or port. With or without luggage.

COST Full day ideally 10am to 4pm to enjoy the city with all open.

Executive Car or Mercedes Benz Van. Guides cannot drive so we add a Driver. (law). Cost in us dollars.

Guide: Me directly as your guide

Other guides. 100% bilingual also selected. Few guides minimum 10 years of experience.

2 people 420 total car+driver

3 people 450 total car+driver

4 people 620 total mini van+driver

5 people 145 per person van+driver

6 people 145 per person van+driver

7 people 140 per person van+driver

8 135 per person van+driver

9 130 per person van+driver

10 125 per person van+driver

11 125 per person van+driver

12 120 per person van+driver

13 120 per person van+driver

14 115 per person van+driver

15 115 per person  van+driver

16 105 per person van+driver

17 105 per person  van+driver

18 95  per person  van+driver

Van is up to 18 without luggage or up to 13 with luggage. 


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