Petra trip by bus-Ferry from Sharm

Idioma English, Russian
Precio 230 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes Cualquier número de personas
Duración 22 horas

Early morning, pick up you from your hotel in Sharm el-Sheikh. “Around 2.30 A.M.”

Drive to Taba city, to join the ferry boat to Aqaba.(. 3 hours)

Ferry boat from Taba to Aqaba about “one hour”.

Meet & assist in Aqaba marine, then transfer to Petra by Bus about “2 hours”

Your first stop, will be in Wadi Musa, to stock up with food or souvenirs from the rest house, then go ahead to the Siq canyon.

Before your entrance to the Siq canyon, on your left hand, there is a Petra Obelisk tomb, with a five graves, four of them represented in a pyramid shape and one in Statue shape.

You will start your visit to the Siq canyon of petra, by visiting El-Khazanah. “Treasury”

Upon your entrance to the Siq canyon, you will see the remains of a ceremonial arch, built by Nabataeans.

After 1.5 Kilometer of winding around, the Siq will open on the most impressive of Petra monuments, which called El-Khazna “The Treasury”, carved in the solid rock.

Next to El-Khaznah, the Siq will turn right and lead you to some niches, tombs, and the Amphitheater.

After the Amphitheater, the Siq is going wide and lead you to the main part of Petra monuments, which will be The Royal tomb or the Palace tomb.

By the end of your tour in Petra, you will go to have lunch in a five star hotel.

Next to lunch, drive back to Aqaba, then join the ferry boat to Taba.

Meet & assist in Taba, the drive back to Sharm el-Sheikh.


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