Armenia Food and Wine Tour

Idioma Inglés, Ruso
Costo 50 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de hasta 5 personas
Duración 1 semana 3 días

The price depends on what you want to be included?

Day 1. Arrival to Yerevan. Hotel transfer, rest.

Day 2. Garni paga temple, Geghard monastery, local trout preparation in special way, fruit market.

Day 3. Khor Virap monastery, Areni winery for wine and local fruit vodka tasting, Noravank monastery, BBq making the the special oven (tonir), lunch in the cave with local tasty food, overnight in Goris.

Day 4. Hiking in Khndzoresk kave town cross the hanging bridge, Take the cable car to Tatev monastery, lunch in Goris to taste local specialties like: been soup, grape leave dolma, and local sweets, overnight in Jermuk resort town.

Day 5. Jermuk mineral water tasting, Waterfall, Lunch with Special home made yogurt, home made cheese lavash: local bread baking, lamb stew with vegetables, Selim pass, Selim caravanserai, Lake Sevan, overnight in Dilijan.

Day 6. Haghartsin monastery, Parz lake in the forest, Lunch in the forest next to the lake tasting Chicken or pork BBQ, special tree mushroom, ans salads, overnight in Haghpat hotel.

Day 7. Haghpat monastery, Gyumri, Lunch in the Fish gorge restaurant to taste local caviar, to see fish ponds, and taste different types of trout and sturgeon, Tour around Gyumri, overnight in Grumri.

Day 8. Abaran bakery to see Armenian and Georgian bread baking, and many sweets and pastries, Amberd fortress, Alphabet monument, Special lunch in the village house with local home made food. You may see and participate the preparation, Oshakan Village to visit St. Mashtots church and alphabet monument, back to Yerevan.

Day 9. Echmiadzin Cathedral, St. Hripsime church, taste local specialty big meatballs with vegetables, and salads, fruit or baklava for dessert.

Day 10. Transfer to the airport, departure.


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