(4days Camping trip and 2 night’s hotels)

Idioma Inglés, Francés, Alemán, Italiano
Costo 580 OMR por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de más de 10 personas
Duración 1 semana 1 día

(4days Camping trip and 2 night’s hotels)

(6 nights and 7 days tour)

Day 01) Muscat – Wadi Arbayeen – wadi Shab – Wadi Tiwi:

Breakfast. 0800 hrs Depart by 4wd vehicles to the spectacular Wadi Arbayeen. We proceed towards the fishing town of Quriyat through the stark mountain terrain. Drive through this fishing village visiting the 400 year old Quriyat Fort before heading for the Fish souk where a variety of fish is traded for local consumption as well as export. Drive along the picturesque waterfront. There is a good chance of spotting Flamingos and Eagles at an inland stream. Drive via Mazaara, we then start on an adventurous route cutting through the mountains. At the end of the route Wadi Arbayeen awaits with its deep pools of water set among the date palms. Little after Wadi Arbayeen, the gravel road begins and offers some of the most spectacular views of the Gulf of Oman, as it now runs parallel to the coast all the way to Sur. Our stop is at Bimah where you will see a natural crater in the limestone created due to the collapsing of a cave roof. At the bottom of this sinkhole is clear green brackish water, in which you can also swim & snorkel. Another lovely opportunity to swim out in the open is a little further at the Fins Beach,. Next, you will continue travelling through the villages of Dibab and Finns and arrive at Wadi Shab – wadi meaning ‘gorge between cliffs’. Your guide will take you for a visually breathtaking, easy walk through the wadi. Your walk will take you past the green grass, banana and mango trees. The narrow winding, old rock paths will bring you to a series of streams and pools. You will have the opportunity to swim through a pond of crystal clear water and swim through a narrow keyhole, surfacing inside a magnificent cave, which contains an inspiring waterfall. After you are refreshed you will travel to the white sands of Tiwi Beach where we will set our camp for the night.

Day 2: After breakfast we will drive along the coast arriving at the mausoleum of Bibi Miriam at Qalhat, where you can view Bibi Miriam’s tomb and the ruins of the ancient town of Qalhat. Driving past the huge plant of Oman LNG, you will arrive in Sur. Sur is where the traditional wooden Omani dhows are made. It also features many fine old homes with carved doors and arabesques windows. It offers great photo opportunities. Lunch at the local restaurant.we proceed to visit Wadi Bani Khalid through the Eastern Hajar mountains. At Wadi Bani Khalid, we will take an easy walk to the brilliant blue rock pools and there will be time for a refreshing swim in the Wadi before continuing on to Wahiba Sands. The Wahiba’s are desert in a romantic sense of the word rolling sand dunes, varying from deep red to a rich honey color, stretching as far as the eye can see. This is the traditional home of the nomadic Bedouin. At Wahiba you will experience 4WDriving on the sand dunes as well as a visit to a Bedouin community. Experiencing the sunset at the top of the dunes. We will spend the night in the desert



Day 03) Crossing Wahiba Sands, Qihayd Shana, Mahawat, Falam, Ras Bentout, Khloof.

In the morning begins the journey, which will take you across the magnificent Wahiba Sands. It's a wonderful crossing of the Wahiba sands.The track is often easy to follow but the wind brings sometimes sand that covers it. We head first to the south and then south-east. The northern part of this desert is made of almost parallel high dunes. On our way we will visit badwien house were will have Omani coffee and dates.

Reach the village of Qihayd, located on the edge of the Arabian Sea. Drive ahead to.Mahawat where we can buy some food and get some ice for our next camp site, Lunch at Mahawat local restaurant.we proceed to Watch Flamingo Birds,in Film More adventure awaits you today as we head As we travel through Film, Al Khaluf We set up our camp on the Ras Bentout

(Day 04) Khaluf – Sinaw – Nizwa Duration 5 Hours from khaluf to Sinaw, Lunch at Sinaw local restaurant.we proceed to on our way to Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman. staying overnight at Al Diyar Hotel in Nizwa. Al Diyar Hotel

Medium category hotel *. Located at 5 km from Nizwa Souq, it has a swimming pool and clean rooms of international standards. Standar Room

Each room is equipped with bath or shower, toilet, fridge and TV. Petit-dejeuner prisal'hotel. Day at leisure and overnight stay in the hotel, Day at leisure and overnight stay in the hotel,

5) Nizwa Market –Nizwa Fort, Birkat Al Mauz. Jebel Akhdar:

After breakfast we will visit the traditional Nizwa Souq where there will be an opportunity to purchase and see many traditional Omani things. Nizwa is a major city of Oman located at the foot of the mointains in the interior. In the past it was the capital of the country and remains the cultural center of the country for mountain people. The Souq was rehabilitated some 15 years ago. Friday is the market day, called 'Souq Al Jumaa', and brings visitors from the nearby mountains as well as bedous from the desert side. The livestock souq is particularly worth a visit. But you find also the fish souq, vegetable souq, meat souq, as well as some people salingmoutain honey, dates, incense, and anything you might need. And than we will, Visit of the fort of Nizwa the fort of Nizwa was rehablitated recently. He has a defensive part (the so called citadelle) and a housing part (which was designed or the Imam and the scholars). From the top of the citadelle e have stunning views over nizwa and its palm cove, the largest of the country. The underfloor of the fort was occupied by prison cells. These have been equiped to receive a museum about local culture. The museum is small but very well done. It is worth a visit! And then we will drive to jabelakder green mountain 2000m high .were we will have four villages walk. Throw forest old villages & we will see beautiful tresses. We start this tour with a.

Oasis village of Birkat Al Mauz. After crossing a check post located at the foot of the mountain, you start the ascent up the mountain. The drive up the mountain offers some splendid panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes and brings you to the Saiq plateau. Jebel Akhdar is also extremely famous due to its large plantations of roses, apricots and pomegranates besides a variety of other fruits & vegetables found on the slopes of the mountain in terrace-like gardens. Visit other interesting places in the vicinity like Wadi Bani Habeeb and the Lady Diana point. Haiking in Jebel Akhdar.for tow hours, Transfer jabelakder - Overnight in jabelakder. Camping

6) Jebel Al Akhdar . Misfah – Al Hamra – Wadi Ghul – Wadi Nakher – Jebel Shams

After a relaxed breakfast, start your journey, To visit Misfat Al Abrein, a picturesque village strapped to the side of a mountain,.haiking for 1 hours. As you walk around this beautiful village where time has come to a standstill, you will be moved by the simplicity and friendliness of the people. Proceed to WadiNakhr.haiking for 1 hours, which is the river bed emerging from a canyon alongside the village. This is the start of the WadiNakhr Gorge which winds for several kilometres into the Jebels to become the Grand Canyon of Oman. After the WadiNakhr off-road, ascend to Jebel Shams, the tallest peak in Oman at 10,000 feet. From the rim of the canyon you can see Nakhr village, 2km directly below. You will meet the Shuwawis (mountain people) hawking blankets and carpets. Later descend and see the beautiful mountain sunset . Overnight stay at Jebel Shams.hotel

Day 07) Grand Canyon (Jebal Shams. Wadi Bani Auf ,Muscat:

0900: After breakfast,,haiking for 5 hours.Balcony walk There are three hiking routes at Jabal Shams: Al Nakhur Rim Hike (W6 Route), Al Khitaym to Wadi Ghul Hike (W6a Route) and the Jabal Shams Summit Hike (W4 Route) This is the most recommended route for casual hikes as it is an easy hike through the rim of the ‘Grand Canyon’ starting from Al Khitaym village. This is the village at the end of the road at Jabal Shams, right at the edge of the canyon. As you get in the village and past the ‘stalls’ set up by the villagers, you will notice the white, red and yellow flags indicating the start of routes W6 & W6a.

The route takes you from Al Khitaym village through the rim of Al Nakhur Canyon, with spectacular views of the canyon and villages in the bottom. The route is well paved with a gentle downward slope, taking you past a couple of corners that are worth a stop to take in the view, all the way to an abandoned village called “Al Sab” where you can see traces of terraced gardens, towers and houses. There is a water pool accessible with a bit of climbing from the village, but it is not immediately obvious how to get there so make sure you follow the route markers. In addition, there is apparently a ‘Via Ferrata’ climbing route up to the Jabal Shams plateau from here, but we have never attempted that (yet!). Overall, the roundtrip hike from Al Khitaym to the abandoned village of Al Sab shouldn’t take you more than 2.5 hours, and is an easy hike suitable for all levels (even for the younger ones

. Jabal Shams literally means the “Sun Mountain” in Arabic, and it is so called because it is the first place to receive sunrise in Oman due to having the highest peak. The temperatures up in the mountain are mild and are usually 10-15°C cooler than down at Al Hamra, pleasant in the summer and cold in the winter (with the occasional snow). Jabal Shams offers various activities for all people, whether you are interested in night photography, demanding hike to the peak After this, crossing The(mountain. adventurous Wadi BaniAwf drive is very picturesque and involves off-roading and mountain driving. It is considered to be one of the best off-road driving terrains in Oman and takes you past the scenic local mountain villages of Hat and BladSayt which lie in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains. The palm groves and terraced gardens between stone walls in these beautiful villages are a treat to eyes as you ascend. You’ll come across some of the locals living in these mountains and understand their day to day lifestyle in the harsh climate. Break for a lunch in local restaurant After this, , return to Muscat later in the afternoon (tarmac road all the way). We will drop you off at the place of your choice.


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