Treat Your Senses in the market where my granny used to go

Idioma English, Spanish
Costo 400 EUR por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de hasta 4 personas
Duración 3 horas

Imagine wandering around Barcelona like a true local, without any tourist crowds. So, it's wonderful, right? Follow me to my grandma's favorite market and be part of us and our culture...

***Because it's a real local market, on Monday it doesn't sell fish, and it doesn't open on Sundays and August.***

I'll bring you to the market where my grandma used to buy and introduce you to her friend around the shops you will feel at home

On this tour around the hip neighborhood of Gracia, you have the chance to really enjoy the local life and pass through several of the most emblematic shops in the area. Discover what the meaning of markets is to us locals and why Gracia has become so hip and popular.

I'll fully customize the tour depending on the season and according to your wishes. Whether you are vegetarian or would like to customize the tour for your family, just let me know! I'll make sure you experience and taste the specialties of the Catalan market.

In the market, you can enjoy several dishes, tapas, and drinks. Depending on the season, we'll have tastings of local fruit, cheeses and meats, fish, seafood, sweets, other local specialties, and drinks, also you will enjoy other local specialties around the area like traditional olive oil, orxata, sweets, etc.

***Because it's a local market, on Monday it doesn't sell fish, and it doesn't open on Sundays and in August.***

Feel free to contact me and I'll arrange a unique and relaxing experience for you in Barcelona!


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