Discovery the south tour for 8 Days

Idioma Inglés
Costo 3500 EUR por la excursión
Número de participantes Grupo de hasta 4 personas
Duración 1 semana 1 día

Tour description:

Antananarivo, Ambatolampy, Antsirabe, Ambositra, Ranomafana national park, Ambalavao, Anja reserve, Ranohira, Tulear, Ifaty

Day 1: Arrive at airport international of antananarivo

We will meet to the arrive at airport international of antananarivo, then transfer you to in your hotel and you have relax.

Overnight at hotel

Day 2: Antananarivo, Antsirabe

After breakfast in the morning, your driver he will pick you up in your hotel and you will drive towards antsirabe. But you will travelling through the highland, you will pass rice fields and unusual eroded hills. If time allows, you can make a couple of stops on the way. In ampatolampy there is a small family run factory making cooking pots out recycled aluminium. At ambohimandroso you could stop to see some merina tribe tombs imposing structures as ancestors are revered. If you are here between June and September you could be invited to see an important, sacred and unusual highland practice of the turning of the bones. But when you will arrive in antsirabe, you will have opportunity to visit around antsirabe.

Overnight at hotel

Day 3: Antsirabe, Ranomafana national park

After breakfast in the morning, your driver he will pick you up in your hotel, then to continue the journey heading south across the highland to reach ambositra. The malagasy handcrafte capital. Local 90km from antsirabe. In this city know for it's zafimaniry art, there will be an opportunity to visit different workshop and meet the wood Carver's who make beautiful statue, furniture and souvenirs. After lunch you will continue onward toward ranomafana national park and the rainforest. Later in the evening you will be able to do a night activity to see out animal such as Chameleon, frog, microcebe, the smallest lemurs in the world.

Overnight at hotel

Day 4: Visit Ranomafana national park

After breakfast on the morning, your driver he will pick you up in your hotel then you going to ranomafana national park office to meet with the local guide. Ranomafana national park was set up in 1991 with the specific purpose of protecting the golden bamboo lemurs. It's a 41600 hectare are of mountane cloud forest and tropical rainforest with very high levels of biodiversity making it on of Madagascar best know park. It's I the East of the country, about 400km south of the capital. It's very beautiful park with a river, waterfalls, hills a stunning views wherever you go. As well as it's start attraction, other lemurs specie found here including the red bellied lemurs, the sportive lemurs, east woolly lemurs and black and white ruffed lemurs. The elusive the aye aye is also found here through it's rarely seen and it's one of the best place to see milled Edward sifaka. Birdwatching here is excellent, with around 115 species, and reptile, frogs and invertebrates, are also profilic. Have a look out for the leaf tails gecko.

Overnight at hotel

Day 5: Ranomafana national park, Isalo national park

After breakfast in the morning, your driver he will pick you up in your hotel. Then to drive continue Isalo national park, then the first stop of the day is I'm the small town of ambalavao where there will be time to take a break. Stretch your legs and perhaps see a famous handmade paper workshop or do a bit of wine tasting at soavita winery. Then you will continue to Isalo national park arriving later in the afternoon, but after a visit Anja community Reserve.

Anja community Reserve

Anja reserve is well worth a stop, there are various walking routes you can follow to explore the terrain and see the resindent wildlife which includes the ever-endering ring tails lemurs, you must be accompanied by a local guide on your visit. The ring tails lemurs are the undisputed satrs at anja, with a population of over 300 in an area of 30 hectare there are good chance of seeing them. Especially as they are part habituated and not afraid to approach people sometimes been fed in the past, a practice no longer permitted keep your camera to hand you could get some excellent photo. Other creatures you can expect to see including Chameleon and lizards, you will be glad of skills eyes and experience of your guide to help you find these. As many are well camouflaged among the vegetation, they are fascinating to watch, and seem like a throwbak to a by gone world. Of you are lucky may come across a streaked tenrec, a small mammal. After visit continue drive towards Isalo national park.

Overnight at hotel

Day 6: Visit Isalo national park

After breakfast in the morning, you driver he will pick you up in your hotel. Then going to Isalo national park office to meet with the local guide. Isalo national park is a treasured place for the bara tribe and features some of the most breathtaking scenery in madagascar. Thout not a prominent wildlife destination, the impressibe gorge and canyons are home to ring tails lemurs, brown lemurs, Sifaka and 14 specie of nocturnal lemurs hide in dense vegetation along the streams. there are also around 80 different bird species, and many reptile and frogs here which is the main attraction with approximately 500 different specie including some indemic varieties such as the elephants foot. For your stay in isalo, don't forget to bring your hiking shoes as walking is the activities here, a population hike through deciduous forest often bring you face to face with the ring tails lemurs and Sifaka. For those looking for more of challenge you can walk to the piscine natural, this beautiful Oasis is nestled in the rocks. A small waterfall tumbles into the pool which is welcome sanctuary to cool off in after the heat of the canyon. Another beautiful attraction here is the window of Isalo which is at best at sundown.

Overnight at hotel

Day 7: Isalo national park, Tulear, Ifaty

After breakfast in the morning, your driver he will pick you up in your hotel then continue to drive to tulear. And after tulear continue to reach ifaty, it's about take 7 hour by car from Isalo national park. But you add to this with stop along the way, so this is very full days. You may have time for a short break at the once-tiny village of ilakaka, this is now a busy place as sapphire were discovered here. It's a bit like the wild west in the middle of Madagascar. You will stop at Zombitse national park, this park acts as a transition zone between the dry and the humid forest of madagascar, so the Flora and birdlife is particularly rich. There is diverse range of animal specie, including 8 different types of lemurs, as well as many reptile.

Overnight at hotel

Day 8: Visit Ifaty Village

Ifaty is a small fishing region, is known for its beautiful beach and tradition vezo culture. The house here are still made in a traditional manner using local matrials, and canoes made from hollowed out tree trunks line the beach. Off the coast, a sheltered reef offers an excellent spot for snorkeling and diving. The near by Reniala nature reserve is home to the unique spiny forest only found in this part of madagascar, with towering spiny bushes and giant Baobab trees sheltering thousands of plant specie, dozens of bird special and wildlife such as the grey mouse lemurs. And here is the ends of the tour.


* Airport transfer

* Bed and breakfast

* Fueld for the car

* The park ticket fee

* Car with the driver

* The guide fee

* Tax


* Dinner

* Lunch

* Tips

* Extra


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