Idioma Inglés, Ruso
Costo 30 EUR por la excursión
Número de participantes 1 persona
Duración 10 horas

Tazı canyon tour from Antalya is a trip of nature mixed with culture. You will take in the spectacular historical and natural views from the slopes and hills of the Taurus Mountains. Tazı canyon lies approximately 105 km away from the center of Antalya.Accompanied by your experienced tour guide you visit the following places during the course of the Tazı Canyon tour

Historical Roman bridge; A 2000-year-old Roman bridge connecting the commercial roads of Ancient Selge and Pamphylia cities This ancient bridge is still active today. It is 22 meters long, 2.70 meters wide, 35 meters high and 1250 meters from sea level.

From the bridge, you can enjoy the wonderful views of the spring water waterfalls running into the Kopruçayı river

Tazı canyon : The Tazı canyon is approximately 4 km long and 30-50 meters wide. It offers breathtaking views from a height of 400 meters. The canyon has been formed as a result of rock erosion by the Koprucay river over the course of 100s of years. Tazi Canyon bears magnificent trees on the steep rocks The lush vegetation, along with the turquoise Köprüçay river add to the beauty of this landscape. It is claimed that the canyon is home to wild birds and over 30 types of mammal species..

Selge Ancient City: It is said that Selge was founded in the 2nd century BC. It is an ancient city established at an altitude of 1250 meters at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. The city was founded by the local people of Anatolia and lived its heyday during the Roman times. Its ruins still stand. The open-air theater with a capacity of 9000 people is one of the most beautiful theaters in the region.

Adam Kayalar (Man rocks): These interesting rock formations are located near the Selge ancient city. Adam Kayalar (Man Rocks) take their name due to their resemblance of the human shape. The rock formations are also known as the fairy chimneys of Antalya or the devil's rocks. Their height reaches 70 meters. It was formed by the combination of gravel and sand hardening over 65 million years

If you want to discover these historical and natural wonders in Köprülü Canyon National Park, don't miss the Tazı Canyon tour from Antalya.


-Pick-up from hotels/apartments from Antalya and around

-Arrive at Koprulu Canyon National Park

-Visit Historical Roman bridge

-Visit Tazı canyon

-Lunch at our restaurant by the bridge river

-Visit the ancient city of Selge

-Visit Man rocks (Adam Kayalar)

-Drop-off at hotels/apartments in Antalya and around


-Pick-up and drop off from hotels and apartments in Antalya


-Tour guide

-Entrance fees



-Photo & video


-Take your camera, mobile phone ,sun glases with you

-Wear shoes suitable for walking.


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