Khumbu Rolwaling Trek Overview

Idioma Chinese, Inglés, Francés, Hindi, japonés
Costo 520 USD por la excursión
Número de participantes 1 persona
Duración 2 semanas

The Khumbu Rolwaling Trek is a challenging and less-traveled trek in the Nepalese Himalayas. The serene and lonely Rolwaling Valley is combined with the best parts of the well-known Everest Base Camp Trek. For experienced hikers and mountaineers seeking a more difficult trekking adventure in the Himalayas, the trek offers an experience off the usual road.

Rolwaling is the deep Himalayan Valley which lies northeast of Kathmandu and west of the Everest/Khumbu region. Rolwaling valley falls under the shade of the giant snow peak of Gaurishankar (7134m). Additionally, the local Buddhist inhabitants consider the valley as one of the holy sanctuaries.

Rolwaling has its name after Mount Rolwaling which beautifully lies between Everest trekking region and the Langtang region. The valley itself lies at an altitude of 3690m. Rolwaling Valley is protected by the Gaurishankar conservation area.

Highlighting the unique and old cultures of Sherpa and Tamang, the route to Rolwaling is full of diverse Flora and fauna. This place consists of 16 different vegetation types, 235 different birds, and 34 species of mammal.

Rolwaling Valley is also popular as “the grave” since it lies between all those mountains. The valley receives very few visitors, despite the fact that it is a very worthy location. Moreover, the valley has this mysterious story of a snowman called “yeti”. The route from Rolwaling valley to the Khumbu region is really tough, climbing across Tashi Lapsta La(5755m). And thus provides an astonishing view of Mt Everest and other mountains in the Khumbu region.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1- Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 2- Kathmandu - Gongar via Charikot

Day 3- Gongar - Simi Gaon

Day 4- Simi Gaon – Dovan

Day 5- Dovan - Beding

Day 6- Beding – Na Gaon

Day 7- Na gaon – Glacier Camp (Tsho Rolpa)

Day 8- Tsho Rolpa – Drolambau Glacier at Tashi Lapcha Base

Day 9- Tashi Lapcha - Labtsa La descend to Thengpo

Day 10- Thengpo - Thamel

Day 11- Thamel - Namche Bazar

Day 12- Namche Bazar - Lukla

Day 13- Lukla - Kathmandu

Day 14- Kathmandu


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