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Hi! Even if you come to the city for a few hours, you can see a lot of things! I am a language teacher and a tourist guide in Moscow. I know the city very well, not only the museums and historic places, I can show you local cafes and shopping spots, tell you many interesting facts about Moscow which make my city really different from any other place on earth. I can make the tour really individual: transport, restaurants, places to visit will all depend on what is more interesting for you, and I will suggest ideas and options.

Bonjour, mes amis!

Mon travaille est faire votre vacance a Moscou et ces alentours inoubliable et comfortable. Je peut vous faire voir tout les lieux les plus important et vous en racconter beaucoup des choses interéssantes aussi. Je cherche toujours de racconter tous ce qu'est différent ici, expliquer des choses compliquées, repondre aux questions que vous me posez. J'adore ma ville et je vais vous faire voir pourquoi!

Ciao tutti!

Sono Denis, guida e insegnante di italiano quí a Mosca. Conosco la mia città molto bene, e non solo le cose turistiche, ma anche tipiche della zona, belle ma purtroppo poco visitate dai turisti stranieri ma adorate dai locali. Posso raccontare un sacco di storie divertenti della nostra vita quí in Russia! Trasporti, ristoranti e posti da visitare dipendono dai gusti, posso suggerire mote cose, ed e a voi (o a te o a Lei) a decidere dove si va! Invio un programma basico, decidete sugli extra e vaaai:)!


Aun si llegas aquí por menos de un dia, puede ver mucho conmigo! Soy un profesor de lenguas y guia en Moscú. Conozco mi ciudad muy bien, todos los rincones de gente local, no solo las cosas turisticas. Puedo contar muchas historias sobre la vida en la ciudad, las pequeñas cositas que seran interesantes de verdad para quien ve mi pais por primera vez o quiere verlo de un mod diferente. Todo es muy individual: transportes, museos, restaurantes dependen de cuanto puedes y quieres gastar en Moscú y como quieres ver todo aquí. Nos vemos!

Всем доброго!

Со мной вы можете посмотреть весь город, и не важно, сколько у вас времени. Даже за несколько часов можно успеть многое! Улицы, парки, музеи и набережные - Москва огромный, чистый, красивый и древне-современный город. Вечером она блистает в свете многочисленных огней, днём радует глаз не меньше - вам решать, когда красивее! Высылаю программу, обговаривали расписание, учитываю Ваши пожелания. До встречи:)

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Roger Jansen
22:12 11 AGO 2018
Denis is a great guide and good company, I had a really nice day with him.
I asked Denis to guide me to St. Sergius monastery, about 70km from Moscow.
He knows a lot about religion, Russian culture and history, which made the visit interesting. Also we talked about our personal lives and differences between Russia and life in western European countries (I'm from the Netherlands).
All together I enjoyed this day very much. Denis speaks excellent English language, he is very polite, has good ideas about what to do and where to go, and has a good sense of humor!
I definitely recommend Denis Lashenkov.
Maria Luisa De Meo
16:32 20 AGO 2018
We’re an Italian group of two families, two adults and two kids each. Denis gave us the chance to do things we probably would not have ever done on our own. Just to mention one of them, we rode the bicycles throughout the city and the amazing parks. He resulted to be a nice and careful guide and he gave us excellent tips about where to eat in a Russian and economic way. On our way back home, he eventually arranged for us a taxi to reach the airport. Least but not last he perfeclty speaks Italian (abbiamo scritto il feedback in inglese per garantire maggiore visibilità). We strongly recommend him because with him you’ll be able to visit Moscow having fun. We will miss him!
Un bacione Denis!
Luisa + i sette
Vitaly Vishnepolsky
15:29 22 SEP 2018
Denis was a great guide, for a group of German tourists we invited to Moscow. He is fluent in German and English and we had a great time together. Dennis is accurate and resourceful, highly recommended guide.
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