Mikhail Ustinov es guía turístico privado local en Alemania, Polonia, Letonia


I am Mikhail Ustinov.

The main passion in my life is music, which has happily turned into two professions - music managerproducermusical director and tour operator for the best concerts and performances of Old and Eastern Europe.

I am deeply convinced that we go to a concert hall or an opera house to experience emotions. Emotions of communication, exchange of energy between artists and the public, the opportunity to share the pleasure of a performance and concert, recognition of a favorite piece performed live, a new sound of a familiar piece, the first meeting with new music.

Here you will find my selection of the best tours to concerts or performances this season, selected fully hosted by me, as well as some of the best hotels and the most experienced local tour guides.


As an expert with 10 years of experience in symphony orchestra management and producing, I have an understanding of the level of any orchestra and how it is formed - soloists and conductors, repertoire policy, what challenges are posed to the orchestra and what can be expected that evening.

My experience as a singer and knowledge of singing technique helps me choose an opera performance with quality singers, combined with precise direction.

New and unknown places - the city, the orchestra, the theater, artists - discover real pearls.

Experience of regular travels - a good organized tour.

Preparing travelers for performances and concerts - in the form of recordings, reviews, performance history of the work, context from the manager's point of view - about the country, national stars, place in the classical music market.

JOIN ME and have an impressive tour with lots of music, discover great artists in great places.

MAIN Countries of my activity

Germany,Poland,Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Finland, Estonia

Idiomas búlgaro, Inglés, ruso
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