The UNESCO Lakeshore of Ohrid lake inside Albania

Langue Albanian, Anglais, Grec
Coût 260 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 5 personnes
Durée 9 heures

During this day trip we will visit the fisherman village of Lin situated on the western side of Ohrid Lake, the town of Pogradec a touristic destination during summer time, Drilon Park and Tushemisht Village.

Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's deepest and oldest lakes, with a unique aquatic ecosystem of worldwide importance, with more than 200 endemic species with a maximum depth of 280 m.

The village of Lin is situated on a small peninsula on Lake Ohrid. The Lin area has been inhabited since at least the Iron Age. Archaeological findings from the hilltop above the present-day village include foundation walls and mosaics of an early Christian Byzantine church, dating from the 6th century.

Drilon Park or as the locals call it “Voloreka” is a karstic spring water which forms a little island just before meeting the lake. Surrounded by plenty of trees, it forms the shape of e little forest deep in a quite atmosphere.

Tushemisht village, the last village before the border to North Macedonia, once a place of shooting an Albanian Comedy movie.


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