Private Guide ― Conditions d'utilisation

The service provides an opportunity for tourists to find a guide that speaks any language, and order his services:

  • excursions,
  • organizing your shopping,
  • gastronomic tour
  • water tour, rafting
  • diving tour
  • children's tour
  • safari
  • fishing
  • mountaineering
  • trekking tour
  • meeting at the airport,
  • accommodation in hotels
  • pilgrimage
  • wine tour
  • tickets buying for sporting and entertainment events
  • accompanying interpreter,
  • logistics,
  • routing, etc.

Using an internet resource and a functional and always accessible mobile application, the tourist can be in touch with the selected guide around the clock and travel in comfort.

Visitors have the right to:

  • get information about services provided and guides candidates in full;
  • use the site and mobile application at any specified time.

Visitor responsibilities

Using all the functionality of the Service, including creating the orders for guides can be only done by the user that followed the registration and then login procedure. Without this step, the Services will be partially available, only viewing profiles. The guides get all the functionality available only after full registration. The users of the Service must:

  • read the Terms;
  • carefully store and make unavailable for third parties information about the selected username and password, to prevent unauthorized actions.

Tour guide’s responsibilities

  • Pay the annual subscription fee for profile publishing on web site including unlimited number of tours. The annual subscription fee depends on the country where a tour guide works. If a tour guide works in various countries and want to be published in each of them then a tour guide pays separate subscription fees for every country. The amount of fee for each country could be found «on this link».
  • All payments should be done online in a tour guide profile section.

Payment methods:

Subscription and refund policy

  • Payment: You authorize us to automatically bill subscription Fees based on the subscription you purchase to the means of payment. You agree to provide Us with a valid means of payment and accurate, complete and updated information required by the subscription registration form. By submitting your means of payment (e.g., credit card or PayPal account) as the form of payment, you represent and warrant that your use of such means of payment is authorized and that all information that you submit is true and accurate (including, without limitation, credit card and/or account number and expiration date). In doing so, you also authorize Us to charge to your means of payment all amounts payable by you to Us based on the subscription you selected. Failure to comply may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your access to the Service.
  • Unable-to-be-processed payments: If We are unable to process your means of payment at any time, your Service account may be immediately suspended or terminated and you will remain responsible for all amounts payable by you to Us.
  • Free Trial Period: We (from time to time in our sole discretion) may choose to offer new users of the Service a free preview period (i.e., period during which the user may access the Service or some part of it without first being charged a subscription fee).
  • You may elect to discontinue your subscription by sending a message to [email protected].
  • Your election to discontinue will take effect for the following year, provided that your election is received by Us before the cancellation deadline stated at
  • All subscriptions will automatically renew for the following year unless your election to discontinue your subscription is received by Us.

Portal responsibilities

  1. The Portal offers an impressive data base of private tourist guides around the world and is committed to creating the conditions for a comfortable cooperation of both sides.
  2. The Company is not responsible for the quality of guides services. The responsibility for fulfilling the obligations, accompanying the tour or waiver rests solely with the guide and tourist. In case of misunderstanding the Portal is not involved in the dispute, allowing users to reach a consensus on their own.
  3. The Service features are aimed to provide to users with detailed information on the guide personality, his skills and other data that the guide sees fit to tell about himself. The responsibility for the content of the profiles and the information faithful representation only rests with guides.
  4. The Company assumes full responsibility for the site and mobile application round-the-clock service, available anywhere all over the world via Internet and Web browsers.
  5. The Company agrees to keep the information confidential and not to disclose data to third parties.
  6. The Portal is committed to further develop the existing reviews section of those who have used the guides Services willing to share experience, to provide users with more information.

Other conditions

In the case of force majeure (state of emergency, natural disaster, military operations, etc.) the Portal does not bear responsibility for maintaining constant contact with the guide using a Web resource and mobile applications.

The Company has the right to unilaterally change the terms of cooperation and the use of the service, as users will be notified by one of the technical means, by an email, pop-up window or other means.

Support and complaints

If you have any questions about terms of use, or when faced with technical problems, or in case of any claims or other reasons send an email to [email protected]

Complaints can be sent by post to


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