Minsk - the capital of the Republic of Belarus

Langue Belarusian, English, Russian
Coût 40 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe de plus de 10 personnes
Durée 4 heures

City bus-walking tour around the Hero-City of Minsk. During our excursion you will learn the history of the city of Minsk from the time of its foundation to the present day. The excursion involves acquaintance with such historical and cultural objects as: City Gate, Independence Square, St. Simeon and Elena Church, Minsk Castle - the historical first principle of Minsk, Freedom Square - the oldest square of the city, the Town Hall building, the Jesuit collegium complex, the Catholic Church of the Presviate The Virgin Mary, St. Peter and Paul's Church, Monument-obelisk "Minsk - Hero City", Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Trinity Suburb, Opera and Ballet Theater, House-Museum of the First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party, and much more. I'm sure you will not be indifferent to the history of the city, which proudly bears the title of Capital!


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