Jardin Botanica, Santo Domingo

Langue Anglais, Français, Espagnol
Coût 70 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Une personne
Durée 4 heures

The Santo Domingo National Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1976, it was created to study, preserve and conserve the flora of the Dominican Republic . It bears the name of Rafael Maria Moscoso in homage to the first Dominican botanist. The garden is home to a large number of plant species, some of which are endemic. It is like a green oasis in the middle of the big city that is Santo Domingo. The park contains several different areas, a tramway takes visitors through the entire park, a lake with a picnic area. In addition to the scientific dimension, it is a very pleasant place to visit to discover the flora of the Dominican Republic.

It is a place to visit with family, with friends, you can come several times because it is very big and there is a lot to see.

The Botanical Garden has 3 departments, one for environmental education, one for horticulture and a department for botany.

The main mission of the Department of Environmental Education is to help raise awareness about the need to conserve flora and the environment.

The mission of the horticulture department is the maintenance and propagation of the Garden's species, and reforestation at the national level, giving priority to native and endemic plants of the island.

The role of the botany department is to study the different aspects of the national flora.


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