Charyn canyon

Langue Anglais, Russe
Coût 100 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Une personne
Durée 8 heures

Hello dear tourists. It is interesting excursion. It is cheaper because group bus tours. Charyn canyon is junior brother of American Grand canyon. The nature is very interesting, beautiful, wonderful. It look like castles, animals.If you go to there you will feel like in other planet Mars.

The Charyn canyon has been described as the Grand Canyon’s junior brother.The Canyon itself is approximately 154 km long. 300 meters deep.One area of particular interest, is an area of 2km called the Valley of Castles, due to the pillars and rock formations. You will have opportunity to go down the stairs and see this unique place. You can touch to the rocks, take photos, feel nature of desert, made video, research rocks, plants, insects. You will go for a walk 3 km one way. It is easy to go down to the river where you will have a rest. If you hungry you may go to cafe and book food there or take lunch box when go the trip. If you tired to return to the bus parking place you book ecological taxi.


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