Langue Anglais
Coût 35 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 10 personnes
Durée 4 heures


Pick up : 5:30 PM Drop off: 9.00 PM

Transport : by motorbike

Type of tour : Group tour - maximum 10 guests

Please note that the order of food stalls and the food names can be changed due to subjective conditions like food stall closing, bad weather, bad traffic but will be replaced by equivalent alternatives

Introduction : This is designed for YOU who like to discover local cuisine cultures. You will be taken to well selected authentic food stalls to taste the best of Vietnamese street foods by motorbike.


If you book the GROUP TOUR, you will be

picked up at 5.30 pm by a Cricket English

speaking guide who is always willing to make

the best for your comfort. Each of you has

one guide driving you with 100% SAFETY

GUARANTEE through all the crazy traffic of

Saigon during rush hours. You will be

SURROUNDED by thousands of motorbikes trying to get home after work. Our guides are always there to answer all of your confusing questions about WAY OF LIFE, CULTURES, CUISINES, HISTORY and SO MUCH ELSE. By this way, you can immerse yourself into the authentic local life.

You will stop at 5 different food stalls that have been well-selected for your true experiences. Every stop they make, our guides would happily tell you all about the foods like INGREDIENTS, RECIPES, EATING STYLES and some INTERESTING STORIES over the table. You will also understand more about people’s life directly from your guides who will help you to interact with the friendly locals.

Right after understanding all safety

instructions from our guides, you will hit the road and immerse yourself into Saigon’s rush hours with thousands of vehicles. The first

thing we will do is to drive on Thu Thiem 2

bridge to cross the Saigon river. You will be stopping on the bridge to admire the scenic beauty of Saigon by night with our guide’s interesting talks. It’s a great spot for SUNSET PHOTOS as well.

Then, we’ll continue our drive for about 30 minutes to taste the first food named Banh Xeo, which means in English Rice pancake folded in half.

You’ll witness how the food is made and

try it with our guide’s explanations.

Also just right here, you will taste the second food named GOI CUON or Fresh Spring Rolls in English. Our guide explains how the food is made, what is the most accurate way to eat it and more.

Through our guide’s stories, you’ll learn great

things about this food.

The 3rd food is at a street BANH MI stall. Banh Mi has been so well-known all over the world so why not give it a try right on the street. For this food, we don’t sit down as it’s only for takeaway. Just taste it to have a true feel of the most common Vietnamese breakfast for busy people.

The 4th food at is a busy seafood food

stall. You will be sitting on little chairs as the locals and try some common seafood that they normally eat. You will be told by our guide why these seafood eating stalls are so common. You’ll also see how the locals enjoy their free time with friends.

The 5th food is a common desert food which is called Flan Cake or an alternative. This is where you can have interesting chats with your guides to end the tour with great memories

Once your stomach is full of food and your mind is full of local experience, our guides would be happy to take you home safely or drop you off at your indicated spots (if convenient).

Tour ends at around 9.00 pm back to your hotel or at a place you prefer.

Please Kindly note that the foods can be replaced without notice in booking due to shop closing or else and we make sure you still get the same value.


1. Banh Xeo - Rice pancake folded in half : A very famous food that needs time and effort to make. It has great stories about cultures and ways of life.

2. Goi Cuon - Fresh spring rolls : Rice paper rolled with coriander, rice noodles, lettuce, pork, shrimps and dip with peanut sauce.

3. Banh Mi : Vietnamese typical bread stuffed with either roasted pork or grilled chicken, or canned fish, or duck or grilled beef along with pickles, cucumber and special sauce.

4. Seafood dishes : As the most common Vietnamese drinking habit : a great combination of grilled, steamed, stir fried clams or oysters or snails with chilly beer. You will be sitting on tiny chairs surrounded by hundreds of locals cheering their favorite beer. This is how the normal Vietnamese cheer with friends.

5. Flan cake for dessert.

6. A local canned beer/soft drinks/water while enjoying seafood.


● Small group maximizes at 8 persons.

● Drive along small alleys through residential areas;

● Non touristic areas

● Local interaction with lots of friendly smiles;

● Taste all common local foods and drinks mentioned above

● Learn and understand deeply about unique Vietnamese cultures;

● Become a real Vietnamese afterwards.

● NO hidden charges and no Tourist traps.

● Guests with strict dietary restrictions are warmly accommodated. Please let us know in advance for preparations


��Free pick up and drop off within District 1 and 3. Other places : please come to a particular address in D1 or 3 by yourself or please pay 50.000dong extra for our guide to pick up and drop off by motorbike.

�� Excellent - friendly - knowledgeable dedicated local English speaking guide with motorbikes and helmets.

�� Each guest has one motorbiker, safety helmet with safe and friendly driver �� All entrance fees and parking fees to sites.

�� Lots of smiles ������ from locals and enthusiasm from the guide. �� All foods mentioned above

��Accident insurance


a. Children above 10 years old will be fully charged as an adult

b. Children from 6 to 10 years old will enjoy a 25% discount and share the food with parents and have his own motorbike and driver.

c. Children under 6 years old will be fully complimentary (please sit on the same motorbike as a parent). Please note that no meal is provided to this child and one couple is allowed to have only one free child. A second child will be charged as item b above.

Booking Timetable:

● Private tours by car must be booked AT LEAST 48 hours in advance.

● Group tours by car must be booked AT LEAST 24 hours in advance.

● Group tours by motorcycle must be booked AT LEAST 8 hours in advance.

Cancellation Policy by You

*Cancellation within 24 hours notice in advance will be 100% refunded. * Cancellation within 8-24 hours notice in advance will be 50% charged * Cancellation less than 8 hours notice will be 100% charged.

*Cancellation due to subjective conditions such as bad weather, terrorism, pandemic or late flight arrival will be 100% refunded.

Cancellation Policy by us:

* Any tour canceled by us will be 100% refunded.

* We only cancel tours due to problems related to bad weather,epidemics disasters or terrorism.


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