Shahrisabz- Tamerlan's Motherland

Langue English
Coût 120 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 4 personnes
Durée 7 heures

Meeting at the hotel. We will drive a comfortable car to the most picturesque part of the Samarkand region. Mountains, fresh air, everything blooms and smells in spring, the riot of colors of the pass will make you stop for a minute, get out of the car and enjoy the singing of birds. Take a camera with you, the best photos are obtained here!

We will climb to the highest point of the pass, where the locals have founded an open-air bazaar. At the bazaar you will find the best and affordable dried fruits, honey, medicinal herbs and nuts.

The time will be closer to lunch, I suggest you try the most traditional dish of this area - young lamb. In ancient times, nomads cooked this dish in a clay oven - in a tandoor, and the meat of a young lamb could be stored and consumed by the dead, because fat does not allow the dish to spoil. Of course, nowadays this dish is cooked fresh every day - it is immediately eaten, you will not find it fresh anymore, even if you really want to))).

After a delicious lunch, we will go up to the waterfall, unless of course you plan this hike in the spring.

The term "Shakhrisabz" means "Zelenograd" in translation. The city, immersed in the greenery of the surrounding gardens and vineyards, is how it still appears when you approach it, and was perceived this way over five hundred years ago. "This city," wrote Rui Gonzalez de Clavijo, heading in 1404 at the head of the Spanish embassy to the court of Amir Temur in Samarkand, "stood on a plain; many streams and canals passed around it from all sides, and it was surrounded by many gardens and houses..."

Shakhrisab is a unique monument of urban planning and architecture, rightfully included among the historical cities of Uzbekistan and the world, it is here that outstanding architectural monuments of the late 14th century – early 15th century – the era of the highest dawn of medieval architecture, created during the reign of outstanding historical figures – Amir Temur and Mirzo Ulugbek, have been preserved. Probably, Shakhrisabz would have remained a cozy, but quite ordinary feudal town lying in the center of the agricultural district, if Amir Timur's ascent to the historical world arena had not begun from here. Sahibkiran's political career began here, the ashes of his father, son and relatives rest here, and therefore, having become the ruler of a huge state, he retained a special attachment to Shakhrisabz. Eyewitnesses of those years noted many monumental buildings in the city and its district - rich residential buildings, palaces, madrassas, khanaks, caravanserais. But although not all of them have been preserved, despite the fact that only ruins remain of most of them, Shakhrisabz was and remains indebted for its glory to these first-class architectural monuments, which are not inferior to the buildings of the Temurid capitals of Samarkand and Herat with their grandeur of forms and beauty.


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