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Coût 260 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 10 personnes
Durée 2 jours

The geyser and Lily's waterfall are unique sights in Ampefy and Analavory. The best season to visit these two attractions are from January up to April because there is enough water at Lily's waterfall. You can even visit these both places from May up to December but the sight at this Lily's waterfall is less gorgeous. Anyway the sight at geyser always remains the same regardless which season you go to there.

When you have two full days in Antananarivo, I would recommend you to spend few days in the country side to admire these sights.

I would like to give you below details of the plan when you will do this tour from my services

1st Day: Ride from Antananarivo to Ampefy ( 125km) .O/N at eucalyptus Hotel

The driver will pick you up from your Hotel in Antananarivo at 7;00am . Afer loading your bags in the car, you drive to lemur’s park. Lemur’s park is situated at 45km from Antananarivo city center.

Lemurs ‘park opens from 8;30am and close at 5;00pm and it can accept the last clients at 4;00pm.

The hike inside the lemur’s park lasts roughly 1 hour and during the hike, you must see 5 species of lemurs.

1-The variegatta variegatta species or called black and white lemur

2-the Golden bamboo lemur

3-Danscing lemur or he white lemur

4-And the common brown lemur

5-The ring-tialed lemur or the lemur Catta .

All the animals are free but not in cage and you can see all of them very close up.

It is not allowed to touch or to feed the animals in the park and when you take pictures of the animals, you must keep a safe distance from them .

You can see some radiata tortoises also in the park, they are kept in cage.

Apart from these animals mentioned above, you can see some reptiles like green gecko , lizard and some birds like Madagascar weaver birds, hammer kopf, heron and Madagascar drongo.

You will get to this park around 9:00am and the driver will drop you of at the car park. You meet your local guide from the office and the park guide will guide you inside the park.

Around 10:00 am the hike is ended and you will go out the park and will meet the driver at the car parking.

You get on board the car and keep driving toward the west until you reach Ampefy village.

You arrive in Ampefy at 12;00pm and you go directly to your Hotel.

After checking, you order your lunch at the restaurant and have lunch over there.

In the middle of the afternoon, around 3:00pm, you will drive to the amazing waterfall. This attraction is situated at 14km from your Hotel and the ride lasts 30mn over the well maintained stoned road.

You will arrive at the car park around 3;30pm and from the car park to the waterfall view point, you go by foot and it takes only less than 10 mn

The waterfall is about 20m high and from January to April, it has much water and from May up to December, there is no less water on it. So you can feel now when the best time to see this water fall is.

You spend time over there to click its pictures and to see the daily activity of the local people around this waterfall.

Over there, you can buy souvenirs such as different items made from the lava of the volcano: chameleon, birds, tortoises..and so on and if you want to have a mask painting on your face, you can have it too. There are some girls who propose it over there.

This location is always busy during the week end because there are many people from Antananarivo who like spending time here during the week end.

At 4;30pm, you walk back to the car park and you will meet the driver. You get on board the car and will drive back to your Hotel.

You will arrive at your Hotel at 5;00pm

End of the day 1

2nd Day : Ride from Ampefy to Antananarivo via the cold water the geyser in Analavory ( 125km) .Drop you off at your Hotel in Antananarivo

Today, you will go to Analavory village to see the amazing cold water the geyser.

You will depart from your Hotel at 8;00am. The driver will pick you up and hen you drive to Analavory.

The geyser is situated at 18km from your Hotel and it takes 45mn ride from your Hotel to get to this location.

If you depart from your Hotel at 8;00am, you will arrive at the Geyser car parking around 9;00am. From the car park to the geysers, you go by foot and it takes less than 10mn walk.

Once you are at the geysers, there are people who propose you to do a full body massage with a blue clay ( argile bleu).You can do it on the side of the swimming pool or you just find an appropriate place where you can lay down.

You can also swim in the swimming pool, the color of the water is quite brown due to the color of the clay. At your first glance, it seems that you are not attempted to swim over there but you can change your mind when you know that you can wash your body at the geyser because the water coming out the geyser is very clear.

The same as at the waterfall, this place is also very busy during the week end .

Some people like having their picnic lunch over there because there are 6 eating sheltered built over there.

With our plan, you will have your lunch at the restaurant in Ampefy.

At 11:30am, you walk back to the car park and you will meet the driver . You depart from he car park at 11:40am and you will arrive in Ampefy at your Hotel around 12;00pm.

Now it is time to order your lunch in the restaurant and at the meaning while, you can pack your bags to be ready for the departure after your lunch.

Around 2:00pm, you will drive back to Antananarivo and you will get to Antananarivo around 6;00pm.

The driver will drop you off at your Hotel and our services will be totally delivered

End of he day 2


D 1- Antananarivo to Ampefy

D 2- Ampefy back to Antananarivo

Budget: From 260USD/person

Minimum traveler : 2 people

Maximum traveler: 10 people


-A private car + driver + gas during the whole trip

-All transfer

-Your one night staying in Hotel in Ampefy

-Your meals ( Breakfast, lunch and dinner), except your breakfast and dinner in Antananarivo

-Bottled water ( 3 bottled/person/day)

-Your park admission and entrance fees

-Park guide fees


Visa and insurances cost

-Snacks and beverages

-Your personal needs related to your souvenirs purchasing


Apart from your clothing, dress, T-shirt, pants...etc, you need to bring also both sandals and hard shoes

-Swim suits

-Mosquito repellent

-sun cream



-Covid-19 pass is not mandatory at the airport

-If you stay less than 15 days in Madagascar, you do not pay any visa

-Most shops and business do not accept any foreign currencies, you have to use local currency (MGA) during the tour

-ATM machines are available in all big cities in Madagascar

-Never do your money exchange with the black markets in the streets or at the car park near the airport. Do only your money exchange at the official banks

-when you bring USD bills cash, make sure the bills are issued AFTER 2012. No money changer accepts any bills issued BEFORE 2012

-Hiring park guides are mandatory when you visit any parks in Madagascar. Both National Park and Private parks

-The hotel where you will say has wifi only in the restaurant

-This tour plan is customizable so feel free to request any changes according to you wishes


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