Isfahan tour : Jame Mosque, Vank Cathedral An eye-catching experience!

Langue Anglais
Coût 65 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 10 personnes
Durée 1 jour

An eye-catching experience!

In the morning we visit Jame Mosque; the Great Mosque of Isfahan which is unique in this regard and thus enjoys a special place in the history of Islamic architecture. Then we go to visit Hasht Behesht Palace Once the most luxuriously decorated palace in Isfahan. Afterwards, we visit Si-o-Se pol, literally means 33 arches, which is a bridge highly ranked as being one of the most famous examples of Safavid bridge design. It is the longest bridge on Zayanderud River, connecting east of Isfahan to its west. Then visit another well-known bridge over Zayanderud River called Khaju and next to see the oldest bridge on the river. The Zayanderud can be considered as a contributing factor to the growth of the population and the economy of the city; it helped to establish Isfahan as an influential centre and gave a green landscape to Isfahan, a city in the middle of a desert. Not miss Vank Cathedral which is one of the most celebrated examples of the colourful architecture to mirror Christians’ religious and spiritual concept.


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