Guided tour of the old medina of Fes

Langue Anglais, Français, Italien, Espagnol
Coût 30 EUR pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Tout nombre de personnes
Durée 4 heures

Fes is the oldest and second biggest city of Morocco. It’s know as the capital of culture and science, it has the oldest university in the world. Fes has the biggest old Medina with more than 10 000 streets. You will be discovering in this big Medina many historical and cultural sites: First of all, the Bab Boujloud or blue door, the main door of the Medina. Also you will visit the university of Al Qarawiyine , the oldest university in all the world. Next you will see the Chouara tannery, the place where they make leathers by hands. You will explore the shrine of Moulay Idriss who found Fes. Also you will visit the Najarine museum of wooden arts and crafts. You will discover an old school of Fes called Madrassa Bou Inania, and see how old schools formed and designed. As you will cross both the Attarine and Qattanine streets of spices and cotton.


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