Jeep Tour to Tamgaly Tas (one day)

Langue Anglais, Kazakh, Russe, Turkmen, Turc, Ouzbek
Coût 325 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 4 personnes
Durée 13 heures

Tamgaly Tas – is an “open-air temple” in the middle of a steppe. In translation from old Kazakh means “sealed or stamped stone”. This place, along with its 15 scattered stones by the Ili River had a special; political, spiritual, and religious meaning for the rulers. Central exposition on the stones is Buddha deities, Tibetan iconography, and inscriptions by Galdan-Huntaydzhi. There is also a thanksgiving praise inscription left by the Volga Kalmyks. A stamp signature belonging to the great Kazakh khan Ablay, after the expulsion of Dzungars, is particularly appreciated by Kazakh people.

Tamgaly Tas will definitely bring you into the core of the middle ages where perhaps you will be able to hear the whisper of Gods, the grief of shepherds, and the laughter of nobles.


10:00-12:00 – Proceeding towards Tamgaly Tas. Two hours of a trip will pass by unnoticeable: a scenery of a black kite soaring in the air pursuing carrion, a rabbit chewing grass in the bush, and lizards running back and forth are expecting the observant traveler.

12:00­­-15:0 – Visit of Tamgaly Tas including the visit of the museum-reserve.

15:00-16:00 – Picknick on the benches by the museum itself

16:00-18:00 – Returning back to Almaty with the illumination of mind and soul.

Note: TAKE YOUR ORIGINAL PASSPORTS. The tour duration is 13 hours. The road is 70% in perfect condition.

Price up to 4-pax: 325$

Recommended: If there are kids, do not forget to grab some snacks for them. Since it is an open-door location climate can be quite hot in summer and a bit windy cold in summer. Please wear trainers. Let’s Enjoy our tip together…

Inclusions: Fees to the National park, English speaking guide, a trustworthy driver in his car, 2 bottles of 0,5 liters of plain portable water, a Packed Lunch box, and an amazing mood

Exclusions: Additional activities.


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