Five day culture tour to Benin

Langue Anglais, Français
Coût 1000 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 4 personnes
Durée 5 jours

Day 1: Meet your tour guide and transfer from the airport to the hotel in Cotonou.

Visit the lagoon of Cotonou and interact with the locals and lake people of Cotonou Ladji.

Visit some monuments

Day 2: Ouidah

Transfer to Ouidah by car/ bus.

Visit the Zinsou Foundation Museum and Python Temple.

Explore the Sacred Forest of Kpasse.

Trek along the Slavery road and reach the 'Door of No Return' at the seaside of Ouidah to walk along the seaside.

Visit Grand-Popo to know the history of Xla people, the salt making, visit the mangroves and bouche du roi

Return to the hotel in Cotonou for the night.

Day 3: Porto-Novo

Transfer to Porto-Novo.

Visit the Ethnographique Museum of Porto-Novo, the Royal Palace of Honmè, and Da Silva Museum.

Discover the Garden Place- Bayol and transfer to Aguegues by boat.

Explore the historical places of Soholou and Gouken.

Trek in the village of Aguegues and transfer to Ganvie by boat for the night.

Day 4: Ganvie

Enjoy the boat ride to Ganvie's floating market.

Discover women cooking traditional cassava cake. It is one of the major food eaten in Ganvié with fish or banana.

Experience the culture of Kpodji.

Day 5: So-Tchanhoue

Visit lake Nokoue by boat to make the contrast between partial lake village and total lake village.

See the voodoo " Heviosso" ceremony.

Transfer back to Cotonou airport via Abomey-Calavi.


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