7 Days – Adventurous Mambova guided Tiger fishing excursion

Langue Anglais
Coût 3100 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 5 personnes
Durée 1 semaine


Have a wonderful fishing experience for five (5) consecutive full days!

Narration: We promise to give you an exceptionally wonderful and memorable fishing experience in Mambova village near Livingstone, the tourism capital of Zambia. This exciting fishing excursion will be done upstream of the mighty Victoria Falls on the great Zambezi River which is home to over 75 different fish species.

Tiger Fish!

This 5-day fishing tour will give you the opportunity to catch the much sought-after Tiger Fish. The Tiger fish is revered as one of the world’s most prized freshwater fish because of its fierce fighting nature. Our experienced local fishing guides will always be by your side at all times to render professional fishing support service. They will give useful insight tips on how you will catch the prized Tiger Fish. We are here to help make your fishing dreams in Zambia come true in the most exciting and safest way!

Fun-filled fishing adventure in traditional Mokoro canoes - environmentally friendly boats.

To reach the best fishing spots on the mighty Zambezi River near Mambova village, we use special hand dugout traditional boats known as Mokoro canoe boats. These Makoro non-motorized canoes are environmentally friendly boats. This is because they do not emit any carbon gases into the atmosphere as they are propelled forward only by human effort.

Very reliable traditional canoes.

Mokoro canoes have stood the test of time in terms of reliability and have been used for many years by the most avid anglers incident free! They are paddled by the most experienced local paddlers of Mambova village who will navigate you in safe waters at all times during your fishing excursion. So do not miss this fun-filled fishing adventure whilst sailing in traditional Mokoro canoe boats. It is an exciting way to explore the Zambezi River while on this exciting 5-Day Mambova fishing expedition in Zambia.

All are welcome!

The maximum number of participants is 8 per trip or 4 anglers with their partners. The minimum number of participants is always 2 people. This is done to ensure that every angler receives didicated personal attention and service for the best fishing experience. Professional anglers, mid-range professionals or beginners are all welcome to join this exciting tiger fishing excursion in Mambova village. The fishing excursion is always finely tuned to deliver the ultimate best fishing experience that matches with the respective skill levels of every fisherman so that everyone is well catered for.

High chances of you catching the Tiger Fish.

The Mokoro canoes are very quiet water sailing vessels that do not make a lot of noise when sailing on the Zambezi River waters. For this reason, your chances of catching a good number of the "hard fighting" Tiger fish within the 4 days of your fishing are reasonably


Accommodation at the beautiful, comfortable and quiet Kasbek Lodge - An Eco tourism property

You will do this exciting fishing excursion whilst staying at the beautiful, comfortable and quiet Kasbek Lodge. This newly opened tourism Kasbek lodge is located in a bushy and serene environment some 60 kms west of Livingstone in Kazungula rural district. This is along the M10 road towards Kazungula Zambia/Botswana one-stop border. It is situated within 10 kms of Impalila Conservancy area qualifying Kasbek lodge as an eco-tourism property.

Beautiful and relaxing Lodge!

This beautiful Kasbek lodge offers the best accommodation facility in rural Kazungula distinct for any fishing excursion. It offers an outdoor private swimming pool, a shared lounge and fully stocked bar. All accommodation rooms at Kasbek lodge are sparkling clean, fully air-conditioned with a pati. They contain the best and most comfortable bed/mattresses and bedding, a kettle, a flat-screen TV and free WiFi. As if this were not enough, Kasbek is located just a mere 13 kms away from one of Zambia’s best fishing hotspots of Mambova village. Just across from Kasbek lodge, there is the famous Chobe National Park in Botswana. This makes Kasbek lodge as an ideal location for undertaking all fishing activities on the Zambezi River or going for a day trip in the Chobe National Park.

Extra soft adventure activities

For some extra soft exciting outdoor activities, you may decide to cross over into neighbouring Botswana in Kasane (Chobe). You can then play rounds of golf at the state-of-the-art magnificent Mowana Golf Course which is just nearby about 14.9 kilometres away from Kasbek Lodge. On a different day, you may go for an adventurous day-trip visit to the world-famous Chobe National Park. Chobe game park is well known for its largest population of elephants in the world.

Mouth-watering cuisine

Kasbek lodge has some of the finest dining facilities onsite. The resident chef will always treat you to the best mouth-watering and tasty African, American and Belgian cuisines. Vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options can also be served on request. Full English/Irish and American breakfast options will be available each morning before travelling to Mambova village for fishing.

Awesome Bird-watching and cultural experience

Other than just fishing for tiger fish, birding around Mambova village is brilliant with an abundance of bird species that are easy to photograph from the boat. Over 100 bird species have been recorded around Mambova village. This includes the Bee-Eaters, fish eagles, Lilac-Breasted Roller, honeyguides and many other bird species. You will also be offered the opportunity to go for a walking tour around Mambova village. You will see and appreciate how the local people live in genuine functioning African villages in Mambova.

Sustainable Travelling in style

You will be transferred from Livingstone to Kasbek Lodge in a comfortable and air-conditioned transfer vehicle. Direct transfers from either Livingstone’s Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula international airport to kasbek Lodge is included in this package as well. Transfer from the Victoria Falls International Airport in Zimbabwe to Kasbek Lodge is available on request at an extra cost. We practice sustainable travel during this fishing trip under the “Take Photos Only, Leave Your Footprints Only” environmental theme.

Daily travel from Kasbek Lodge to Mambova village to do fishing

You will travel daily in a 4x4 overland vehicle from Kabek lodge to Mabova village. You will daily cover a distance of about 13 kilometers to and from Mambova village to do your fishing activities. Mambova village is located along the shores of the mighty Zambezi River.

More about Mambova village.

Mambova village offers spectacular access to world class Tiger fishing and non-rehearsed Zambian cultural activities that includes village tours. You will supplement your fishing experience with superb cultural activities which include a visit to the village. You might be lucky enough on this tour to see some Hippos and Elephants along your way to Mambova village!

Fishing equipment

You are welcome to come along with your own fishing gear. However, we will provide you with all fishing equipment and tackle. We charge a standard replacement fee for any fishing equipment by the angler.

Why we are unique!

We are an ethical tour operator, wholly Zambian citizen owned company who practice sustainable tourism. We curate all our fishing trips on the Zambezi River for the direct benefit of the local people of Mambova village, mostly who live on less than a dollar per day.

The entire Fishing guides and support team is made up of indigenous Zambians who are local residents of either Livingstone or Mambova village. We are fully equipped with advanced knowledge of the Zambezi River and all forms of tiger fishing techniques. So, you are assured of a memorable and wonderful fishing excursion of high standards on this fishing trip with us.

Safety First!

Friendly warning: Kindly always remember that there are hippopotamus and crocodiles are found in the Zambezi River which are dangerous wild animals. We always aim for safe fishing excursions without any incidents in all our fishing trips to Mambova village!

Safety in Mambova Village

Mambova village is generally a very safe place to visit at all times. So, you do not need to worry about any security issues but just concentrate on what you LOVE doing, that is


Guaranteed Group Travel Departure.

All our departure dates on this fishing trip to Mambova village are 100% guaranteed to take off on the stated date. This is regardless of the number of people that have booked. Note that the mode of communication in this guided tour is English.

Private travel arrangement: You may as well request to travel on a private arrangement for this fishing expedition on the Zambezi River. This means that only you and your closet colleagues such as family, friends or special interest group will be on this exciting trip to Mambova village accompanied by our fishing crew.

Health Considerations

Malaria Risk – How to Protect Yourself Against Malaria.

Zambia is high malaria risk country. The highest risk of infection is in the rainy season, from November to May. Persons visiting Mambova village must take malaria suppressive medication. In addition to the suggested antimalarial medication, use a mosquito bed net and effective repellents to avoid the bite of the nocturnal Anopheles mosquito whilst on tour in Zambia. Before you travel to Zambia, kindly consult your local physician or travel health clinic for the malaria prophylactic regimen most appropriate to your need to protect you from getting Malaria whilst visiting Zambia.

What to carry

- Kindly carry your passport with you on this tour.

- We encourage to travel light on every fishing outing. However, please do not forget your camera and if available a small pair of binoculars. Just make sure that these sensitive electronic gadgets are always well covered in water proof materials.

Mambova village can get really cold in winter (May – July)! So ensure that you put on heavy warm clothes every morning when going fishing on the Zambezi River.

-Mambova village can get really HOT in summer (August – October)! So ensure that you put on light clothes and comfortable walking shoes. A sun protection hat will become handy to protect yourself from the scorching African sun.

- VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is important that you let us know in advance the physical address and possibly the phone number of the lodge/hotel in Livingstone where our staff will be pick from on the day of the transfer trip to Kasbek lodge.

Direct airport transfers

If you want to be picked directly from the Livingstone’s Harry Mwaanga International Airport upon your arrival in Zambia, kindly give us in advance the date and time of your arrival, airline name and flight number. If you are in Kasane (Chobe) in Botswana, a transfer to Kasbek Lodge in Livingstone can be arranged for you.

General Notice.

There has never been a better time to come to Zambia for fishing than now. Effective 1/10/2022, Zambia is now offering free visa entry into the country for the following countries: China, Norway, USA, Japan, UK, South Korea, Gulf States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the entire EU countries. For other countries, please check with your local travel agents before travelling on the procedures of obtaining a travel visa to Zambia


Day 1: Happily picked from Livingstone and transferred to Kasbek Lodge outside Livingstone (60kms)


Our friendly hospitality team will cordially pick you from the reception of your lodge/hotel in Livingstone. You will be transferred to Kasbek Lodge outside Livingstone using our clean and air-conditioned vehicle. You will be chauffeured in style traveling along the Kazungula road on the way to Botswana before reaching the beautiful Kasbek Lodge, a 60 kms distance.


The very essence of seeing Kasbek Lodge on your arrival will immediately evoke into your mind an exciting accommodation experience in a serene and natural setting that you will enjoy.

Lunch time: If you will arrive at Kasbek around lunch time, you will then be served with your first delicious lunch

Forest Bathing (Wellness excursion): Depending what time is left before sunset, our staff will take you on a calming walk in the surrounding forests of Kasbek lodge. This where you will de-stress from your journey by being calm and quiet as you will walk amongst the trees of the forest. You will observe nature around you whilst breathing deeply which will help you de-stress and boost your wellbeing in a natural way.

DO NOTHING! Or you will simply decide to stay in your room and rest as you wait for dinner.

19:30 pm: At the end of the day, you will be served with a well prepared fresh dinner.

20:00 pm: Narration: In the evening of day 1, we will have a ‘meet and greet session’ in the lounge where you will meet your fellow anglers unless if you are private anglers.

Fishing Planning session.

You will receive a thorough briefing and planning session from the Trip Leader. This will be on some pertinent facts such as personal safety and required eco-fishing practices that will be practiced on this fishing trip. Some important country information and useful social etiquette will be shared with you.

Other items to be discussed

Some of the topics that will be discussed between you and the guide are as follows:

-Getting to know your level of fishing skills. Whether you are a professional angler or a first time fisherman.

-What are your expectations from this fishing trip.

-How much time do you want to spend on the Zambezi river

-What is your level of involvement do you wish to invest in this fishing expedition

-What do you intend to do with the fish you will catch. Do you want to catch and release. Do you want to take some of your catch for your delicious dinner at Kasbek lodge?

-Method of storing fish – You will discuss and agree on how you wish to store the catches.

-Fishing rules and regulations: The guide will brief you on the current rules and regulations regarding fishing around Mambova village on the Zambezi River.

-Boarding Policies i.e You will be told on what are the Dos and Don’ts whilst on board the Mokoro canoe boats.

-Packing list i.e what to carry for the fishing excursion

Arrival day's sunset viewing activity

The sunsets views from Kasbek lodge are breath-taking. Late in the evening on the very day of your arrival. You will position yourself at a good vantage point of the lodge. You will see the African sun setting in the most spectacular fashion and capture the most amazing sunset photos.

19:30 pm: You will then be served with your sumptuous dinner

21:30 pm: You will then retire for a restful night of sleep

Day 2: Full day of exciting and fun-filled fishing activities at Mambova Village.

The day of fishing you have been waiting for as finally arrived. Wishing you a happy fishing experience.

Program of the day

07:10 am: - Wakeup; thereafter take a morning bath.

07:30 am - Take your sumptuous breakfast,

08:00 am - You will travel by road in a 4x4 vehicle to Mambova village for a wonderful and memorable fishing expedition outside Livingstone. Upon arriving at Mambova village, you will meet with the local Mokoro canoe paddlers.

A haapy fishing team.

It is time now to bond well and exchange some nice pleasantries with the local canoe paddlers and fish trackers. You wil now be a formidable and happy fishing team for the next five (5) days of fishing activities. Together with the guide, you will follow up on the already drawn up fishing plan on how you will conduct fishing in the Zambezi River for the next five (5) days.

08:00 am – Commence your much anticipated fishing excursion on the mighty Zambezi River;

Boarding the Mokoro Canoe - Orientation

The senior canoe paddler will orient you on how to sit properly and move safely whilst on the Makoro canoe fishing. The assistant canoe paddler will assist you on how to board the Mokoro canoe boat. He will give you a few moments to settle down and feel comfortable in this new canoe setting in a Zambian traditional boat. You will be shown where to keep your belongings safely so that they do not get wet.

Narration: The Zambezi River is the fourth-longest river in Africa, the longest east-flowing river in Africa and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa.

Mid-day: You will enjoy your first delicious lunch at a special place along the shores of the Zambezi River.

Afternoon fishing session: Thereafter, you will continue with your fishing activities either at the same site inside the Zambezi River or possibly change to a different location for best fish yields.

Motivation statement.

It’s hoped that you will catch some fish of any species on your first day of fishing. If you don’t catch a fish on the first day, don’t feel disheartened. Learning the ropes and casting lines is still plenty of fun. If the fish aren’t biting in a certain area, the guide will suggest that you try a few different things. This could include moving to a different location, switching up fishing techniques or using different types of bait. The best is still to come!

Return to Kasbek Lodge

Before sunset, you will travel back to Kasbek Lodge.

19:30 pm: Enjoy your well-deserved delicious dinner

21:30 pm: Retire to bed to sleep.


Please note: The times indicated above against each activity may vary during the actual fishing excursion due to changed situations or circumstances.

Day 3: Another exciting full day of fishing

The exciting fishing experience on the mighty Zambezi River still continues on Day 3.

07:30 am: You will start-off the day with a sumptuous breakfast in the sparkling clean Kasbek restaurant. You will then meet with your guide who will also be staying at the same property with you to map-out a new fishing strategy of the day.

Travel to Mambova village.

You will be driven straight away to Mambova village where you will once again meet your local canoe paddlers. You then you will board the Mokoro canoe boat and head to where the guide thinks the fierce fighting Tiger fish could be caught. It is hoped this second day of fishing would be a productive one.

Mid-day: You will take your delicious lunch to energize you for the afternoon fishing session.

Notes: We are quite optimistic that this afternoon fishing session should be able to yield some Tiger fish for you.

Fantastic sunset view.

After watching another stunning sunset on the still waters of the Zambezi River, you will head back to Kasbek lodge. You will be greeted by the sounds of the birds in the forest surrounding Kasbek lodge. You will possibly water-down a cool drink from the well-stocked Kasbek bar before heading to your room to refresh for dinner.

Mouthwatering dinner

This evening, the chef will prepare you a delicious dish of your choice to celebrate the day’s catch.

You will relax the evening away either in your room or in the shared lounge surfing the internet to communicate with family or friends back home.

21:30 pm: You will then retire to bed for a well-deserved night sleep.

Day 4: Fishing deeper into the bodies of the Zambezi waters

Another happy day of fishing.

On your fourth day, you could opt to do a full day of fishing by travelling a little further up the Zambezi river. Going deeper into the belly of the Zambezi River may pay off for you to catch a huge and hard fighting Tiger fish which could be your prize fish for the day.

Mid-day: Your lunch on this day will be a little different. Possibly you could try eating the nice Zambian traditional food. You could try eating Nshima: Nshima is made from mealie meal, this is a maize porridge which is a staple food all across Zambia. This relish normally served with Nshima includes protein dishes such as beef, chicken and fish and green leafy vegetables.

Afternoon fishing session: You will return to some more fishing possibly at a different location of the Zambezi River. Chances are you could see some elephants and some hippos on close range in the deeper water bodies of the Zambezi River.

Return to Kasbek Lodge

A delicious dinner awaits you at the Kasbek lodge where the chef will prepare some excellent cuisines for your enjoyment.

Evening relaxation over some drinks with friends in the bar laughing whilst discussing the highlights of the fishing day.

21:30 pm: Retire to bed for a full nights restful sleep.

Day 5: Another fun-filled Full day of fishing.

Mastered the ropes!

Being almost towards the end of your fishing expedition, you will by now have mastered the ropes of fishing in the best way on the Zambezi river. You will now employ good fishing tactics. You might decide to go to some of the best fishing hotspots location in the Zambezi River for possible good fish yields.

Mid-day: Take your sumptuous lunch which will be different from the previous day in terms of taste and style.

Afternoon fishing session: Rump up the fishing momentum by putting in more effort which should be able to give you the desired fishing results.

Another exciting sunset view

Sunset viewing on the Zambezi River is breath-taking. You will capture some of the best shots of the sun setting in the horizons before returning back to Kasbek lodge.

Return to Kasbek Lodge

Take your evening dinner and possibly wash down the dinner with a few drinks in the bar.

21:30 pm: Retire to bed for a full restful sleep

Day 6: Fishing adventure spiced up with a village tour.

Variety is a spice of life.

Today being the last day for your fishing adventure, you could spice it up with a village tour in Mambova village. This will enable you to learn firsthand how the local people in Mambova village eke-out a living in this remotely situated village. Otherwise you are free to still do a full day of uninterrupted fishing on the mighty Zambezi River.

Mid-afternoon: After eating your delicious breakfast, you will set off on another day of fishing adventure spiced up with a village tour. Please bear in mind that this tour of Mambova village is optional and you decide not to take it. After assessing how you have been fishing in the last four days, you and the guide could change tactic fishing tactics to ensure that the yields on this last day is the best ever.

Mid-day: Lunch will be served as usual which will be spiced up possibly with your fish catch.

The afternoon’s fishing could still continue with the hope of making the biggest catch of the trip. Our guides will do whatever is reasonably acceptable and humanly possible to ensure that big prized Tiger fish finally lands in your Mokoro canoe boat.


In the last few hours before sunset, you could then go for a village tour and see the people who have been your hosts for the past four (4) day.

Any donation in kind or in cash is welcome

The poverty levels among the people living in Mambova village are quite common and some cases quite extreme. Though this is not a social support tour, any expression of LOVE and social support either in kind or cash is more than welcome.

Farewell Dinner

A mothers of all dinners will be arranged for you and team in the nice Kasbek Restaurant. This will be to celebrate the successful ending of 5-day fishing excursion tour and showcase the prized Tiger fish catch. You will make new friends here and establish new networks with like-minded individuals with fishing at heart.

Vote of thank you by any Angler!

21:30 pm: Retire to bed to sleep.

Day 7: Final departure to your next destination

All good things must come to an end. This exciting Mambova fishing excursion will finally come to an end on this day 7.

- Morning rise up, and breakfast.

- Transferred back to Livingstone city to your next leg of your trip in Zambia or to Livingstone’s Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport to board your return flight home or to your next destination.



1. Accommodation

You will stay at the beautiful, comfortable and quiet Kasbek Lodge. This newly opened lodge is located in a serene bushy environment 60 kms west of Livingstone. It is situated in Kazungula rural district, within 10 kms of Impalila Conservancy area along the M10 road towards Kazungula Botswana border. This beautiful lodge offers the best accommodation facility in this rural Kazungula area.

It offers an outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge, a bar and air-conditioned accommodation with a patio, a kettle. a flat-screen TV and free WiFi. Kasbek is located just a mere 13 kms distance away from the fishing hotspot of Mambova village, our base for all fishing activities.

2. Flights

International flights to and from Lusaka, Zambia are excluded in this package.

3. Guide

Tour type: You will be guided by the most prolific, experienced and best Fishing guides there is in the Livingstone (tourism capital city of Zambia) angling sector.

4. Meals

Meals are included in this package. Kasbek Lodge resident chef will treat you to the best mouth-watering and tasty African, American and Belgian cuisine. Vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options can also be served on request. Full English/Irish and American breakfast options are available each morning.

**Alcoholic drinks are not included in this package.

5. Transport

Travelling style: Overland 4x4 transportation to and fro Kasbek Lodge and Mambova fishing spot.

Fishing by: using the wonderfully made traditional Mokoro canoes


1. Insurance

We strongly advise that you purchase your own travel insurance and ensure you have adequate cover for their entire trip.


Medical insurance should be purchased before leaving country of origin and should include emergency air evacuation coverage if you are spending any time in remote parts of the country.

2. Tipping

Tipping is not included in this fishing package. A 10 - 20% gratuity is standard tipping amount in the fishing industry in Zambia. However, please bear in mind that this is not compulsory requirement but obvious a humanly necessity. You will therefore use your own discretion to determine which staff you interacted with whilst on this tour deserve a tip for good service. The majority of local people prefer to be tipped in liquid cash in the local Zambian Kwacha currency. So kindly ensure that you change your hard cash into the Zambian Kwacha and carry enough money with you on every fishing outing.

3. Others not included

Gratuities, items or expenses of a personal nature, extra adventure activities, travel Insurance. Visa, International roundtrip airfare to Zambia, Airport transfers if you arrive on a day other than the scheduled start date.

Alcoholic beverages are not included. However, you are free to buy your own alcoholic beverages but may not be taken during the tour.

- Transfer service and park entry fees to Chobe National Park in Botswana are not included in this package.

- All medical examinations and COVID-19 costs related issues of obtaining the relevant documentations are excluded in this package (not included).


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