Chobe National Park full day trip from Livingstone

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Coût 195 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Tout nombre de personnes
Durée 12 heures


You will do a game drive in Chobe National Park in the neighbouring Botswana for a full day by travelling by road from Livingstone Zambia to Kasane in Botswana.

Narration: The Chobe National Park is home to the world's largest Elephant population, amazing wildlife, and Africa's largest predators: Lions, Leopards and Wild dogs.


05:00 AM: Meeting Point

At your hotel/Lodge in Livingstone

05:20 AM: Livingstone (Zambia) - At your Lodge.

You will be picked from your lodge/hotel in Livingstone and proceed straight away to Kazungula - Zambia/Botswana one stop border post, a distance of about 80 kms. Please do not carry all your luggage from your lodge/hotel as you will return back to the same lodge/hotel on the same day at the end of the Chobe day trip unless otherwise.

08:00 AM: Kazungula Zambia/Botswana one stop border station.

You will present yourself before the immigration officers of both Zambia and Botswana immigration authorities at the one stop border station at Kazungula on Botswana soil. This will be for the purpose of processing your exit from Zambia and entry into Botswana respectively.

Travel Tip! Please carry your passport with you and sufficient USD hard currencies to pay for any border fees. If accompanied by any children with only one parent present, kindly carry a letter from the other parent absent authorizing you to travel with the child internationally. A letter with a seal of oath will carry more weight to avoid being inconvenienced and denied entry into Business. Otherwise if all your documentations are in order, you will smoothly exit Zambia and enter Botswana without any hassles.

08:40 AM: Enter Botswana and travel to Chobe National Park.

You will be picked by our Botswana counter part tour guide driving a safari vehicle right at the border. You will immediately be driven to the entrance of Chobe National Park, a distance of approximately 22 km.

You will be presented before the Botswana wildlife officers at the main gate of Chobe National Park to process your entry into the park..

Overview of Chobe National Park:

The Chobe national park is well known for its wildlife and bird life and beautiful sunsets. Established in 1968, Chobe National Park covers approximately 11,700 sq km, encompassing floodplains, swamps and woodland. The Chobe River forms the park's northern boundary, which includes four distinct geographical areas: the Chobe Riverfront: the Ngwezumba pans; Savuté; and Linyanti.

What is special about Chobe National Park?

The park is widely known for its large elephant population, estimated to be around 50,000. Elephants living here are Kalahari elephants, the largest in herd size of all known elephant populations. They are characterized by rather brittle ivory and short tusks, perhaps due to calcium deficiency in the soils.

What you will do: You will commence your game drive in Chobe National Park in an open safari vehicle under the supervision of a qualified tour guide. You will see the world's largest Elephant population, amazing wildlife, and Africa's largest predators: Lions, Leopards and Wild dogs.

You will be offered refreshments whilst on the game drive activities.

12:30 PM: Excellent buffet lunch - Chobe Safari Lodge Restaurant on the shores of Chobe River

You will take a delicious buffet lunch at Chobe Safari Lodge by the shores of Chobe River. Chobe Safari Lodge is a very good lodge and the cuisine offered is excellent, from the salads to the meats to the desserts.

02:00 PM: Chobe Boat Cruise

You will go for an afternoon boat cruise experience on the Chobe River using a speedboat which allows you to come closer to the animals. You will be surprised at the number of wild animals you will see within this area. Accompanied by a tour guide, you will see elephant swimming across from Namibia to Botswana, crocodiles, hippos, water buffalos , a lot of different species of bird life. you will be offered refreshments on this boat cruise.

04:00 PM: Kasane - Botswana

At the end of the boat cruise, you will be dropped off on the shores of Chobe River at the end of the boat cruise tour and quickly rushed to the Botswana/Zambia one-stop border station.

04:40 PM: Re-enter Zambia and travel back to Livingstone to your Lodge

You will then travel back to Livingstone, covering a distance of about 80m kms

06:00 PM: Livingstone - (Zambia) at your Lodge/Hotel.

You will be dropped off at your lodge/hotel, marking the end of the tour

Ending Point: At your hotel/Lodge in Livingstone

What‘s included:

Guide fee, hotel pickups and returns, game drive, park entry fees, boat cruise and light snacks and drinks and buffet lunch

What‘s not included

Visa into Botswana

Any border related fees

Any other activity not listed in this itinerary

Important Information

We operate right through the whole week 24/7 without exception.

We will treat you with a lot of warmth and friendliness in all your dealings with us. Before making any bookings, we would like to hear from you first. This will enable our customer care team fully understand and appreciate your actual requirements on the tour. Please contact us right away. Thank you and wishing you all the best!

Travel Alert! This Chobe Day Trip may not be available in a situation where certain conditions beyond our control happen or exit. In such a situation, you will be informed well in advance before you make any bookings. Otherwise we do not anticipate such a situation arising in the foreseeable future as Zambia and Botswana are both peaceful and safe tourism destination countries.

- You shall strictly abide and follow all the instructions issued by the Tour Guide during the game drive.

- You will not be allowed to alight from the safari vehicle unless instructed to do so by the Tour Guide.

- During the Safari Tour in the Chobe National Park, kindly expect to be joined and share the safari vehicle with other people.

- Before making any bookings. kindly contact and communicate with us first. This will enable our customer care team fully understand and appreciate your actual needs on the tour.


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