Christoper Tambanua est un guide-conférencier privé local en Indonésie

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I have been a freelance tour guide since 2017 and have been guiding for American, Canadian, Europeans, Australians, and Asians. Until 2021, i've been guiding across east Indonesia, including Gorontalo, Toraja, Ternate, Halmahere and Morotai in North Moluccas, Waigeo and Misool in Raja Ampat, Labuan Bajo, Flores, Timor, and Rote in East Nusa Tenggara.

Of course I am not a perfect man, but. . . sincerity and wholeheartedly has become the foundation of my life. I will do my best to be your tour guide :)

My home town Manado, located in a bay make this city has many choices of seafood. The foods here also are well-known with the rich of spice. But not only the tasteful of the meal that will make you comfortable in my hometown, Manado is famous because of the friendliness of the habitant combined with its gorgeous scenery of nature. Beautiful beaches, Marvelous lake, Amazing volcano, Indigenous animals, Exotic fruits, Unique Culture, and many more.

I am open to customized my tours and to provide personalized experiences.

So, I welcome you to my hometown, Manado.

(Beside North Sulawesi tours, I am available to escort you to visit the Best of Gorontalo, Toraja, North Maluku / Moluccas, Raja Ampat and even East Nusa Tenggara)

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