Oteng Othusitse est un guide-conférencier privé local en Botswana, Namibie, Zambie

Oteng Othusitse is born and raised in the bush ,where nature's beauty is my toy i grow up around nature ,where by i feel at home in the bush. I am available in time to plan and advise in planing t trip for clients mostly holidays tour being city tour , village tour( cultural tours ) e.g bushman visit as they are the true origin of my country Botswana. I am so great to share my experience will my clients with the beauty of southern Africa being Botswana 1st choice, Zambia and Zimbabwe 2nd due beautiful Victoria falls where everyone around the world come to experience four country meeting in one spot the caprivi strip ,with newly built zambia and Botswana one stop bridge. I true birder with passion for birds unknown bird call gives me sleepless night come have fun with nature with an espect

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