John Asuron est un guide-conférencier privé local en Kenya

My name is John,

I am a highly motivated and experienced local tour guide based in Kenya, specializing in the Northern part of the country. Since 2020, I have been dedicated to showcasing the unique beauty and culture of my homeland to visitors from around the world.

With my extensive knowledge of the local history, geography, and culture, I offer a personalized and insightful tour experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. I have a deep passion for nature and wildlife, and take great pride in sharing the diverse flora and fauna of the region with my clients.

In addition to my work as a tour guide, I am also a talented developer and entrepreneur. I am currently developing a city guide application for Eldoret Town and Turkana, which will provide visitors with a comprehensive and interactive guide to the local area. With my extensive knowledge of the region and my technical expertise, I am well-positioned to create a valuable resource for tourists and locals alike.

Whether you are looking to explore the natural wonders of Kenya's Northern region, or to gain a deeper understanding of its rich cultural heritage, I am the perfect guide to show you the way. With my friendly demeanor, my passion for my work, and my commitment to providing an exceptional tour experience, you can trust that you are in good hands with me.

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