Mezhigirya tour

Язык Английский, Русский
Стоимость 30 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Любое количество человек
Длительность 4 часа

No other place in Kyiv gives such controversial emotions as the former residence of President Yanukovych -"Mezhigirya".

Someone perceives Mezhigirya just as a chic park, like Versailles or Petergorf, which you can visit with family or friends to relax in nature, ride bicycles, admire beautiful views. Just married couples like make photo sessions, children run around the golf course and ride horses.

But there are people who have negative attitude to this park (because they remember the times of the Yanukovych whis its, golden loaves, expensive cars and corraption). “Museum of Corruption” – they call it.

So what is this place?

The pearl of modern parks in Ukraine, our heritage or a stain on the reputation of the whole country?

Make your own opinion, learn more about the pre-revolutionary era of Ukraine, and at the same time enjoy the day in nature, and even dine overlooking the Kyiv Sea, you can on our tour - in Mezhyhirya!

PLACES that we will visit:

1. The famous "Honka" - the house where Yanukovych lived, and the fitness center - are located nearby. They can be seen outside.

2. Baths at the cascade of artificial lakes

3. Debarcader - restaurant on the water

4. Ship-restaurant "Galleon" at the pier of the Kyiv Sea

5. Museum of retro cars

6. Mezhyhirya Zoo and farm with pets

7. Zoo and farm with pets

8. garage with vintage cars (70 pieces of equipment)

9. scandalous "hemp"

10. helipad

11. greenhouses for growing vegetables

12. dog training center

13. the guest house is known to everyone as “Putin’s house”

There are so many objects that deserve attention! When we will be on the spot we will take a map and lay a route based on your interests.


1. SIGHTSEEING 4-hour TOUR included:​


+entrance ticket on the territory

+2h walking tour with an English - speaking guide

from 30 euro for 1 person in a group of 10 people



+entrance ticket to the territory

+1.5 h tour with an English - speaking guide on a GOLF CAR

+entrance ticket to the retro car museum or dog center

from 60 euro for 1 person in a group of 10 people

3. ALL-INCLUSIVE 8 hours tour included:​


+entrance ticket to the territory

+1.5 h tour with an English - speaking guide on a GOLF CAR

+entrance ticket to Honka + guided tour inside

+entrance ticket to the retro-car museum

+entrance ticket to dog center

+entrance ticket to Honka + guided tour inside


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