Sharm El.Sheikh Classic Stargazing Trip

Язык Английский
Стоимость 25 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников 1 человек
Длительность 3 часа

Our Stargazing Trip in Sharm El. Sheikh is an experience a once in a lifetime desert adventure in the heart of the Sinai desert surrounded by nature and the very welcoming Bedouin Dinner and Camel Riding trip!!

Excursion Highlight

Hotel to Hotel Services

Professional High Qualified Tour Guides

Camel Riding

Climb the hills to watch the magical mountain view during sunset time

Bedouin Tea and Bread

Barbeque Bedouin Dinner Open Buffets with Water & Soft Drink

Various Oriental Shows

Star Gazing Experience

Camel Riding

After you arrive in Khroume -valley, you'll start your Camel Riding trip form around 15 - 20 Minutes.

Bedouin Bread

Our group will watch the Bedouins when they are baking their Bedouin bread and every member of our group will take the chance to experience how he would function if he had to live in the desert! Everybody is welcome to try hands-on experience.

Bedouin Dinner

The dinner will be served at the Bedouin tents and it’s an open buffet dinner, Barbeque with Fresh Grilled chicken, kofta, cooked potatoes, Rice, Pasta, 3 kinds of oriental salads, fresh bread Mineral Water, soft drinks and BeduinTea.

Oriental & Folkloric Shows

Fire Show

During the dinner time you will enjoy an amazing performance of the fire show team, it lasts for almost 15 minutes.

El Tannoura Performance show

Performed by a folk dancer or dance. Mainly used for visual effects, the dancers also augment their balance with the tannoura, through dynamic centrifugal effects the practice of whirling has been adapted as tannoura (tannoura refers to the colorful skirt worn by the whirler, with a color representing each Sufi order. l

After the Shows

Marvel at the desert's clear night sky and brilliant stars through digital telescopes – don't forget to wish upon a shooting star.

Star Gazing Trip Experience

After your dinner, our knowledgeable astronomy guide will take you to the telescopes and will tell you about the night sky and explain about constellations and locations of the planets.

You can enjoy star gazing through the telescopes in the desert and take your own photos of the night sky.

Back to Your Hotel

After finish, you will be transferred back to your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.

Our rep will be with you the whole time to take care of our group and help them out if they need anything

Excursion Includes:

All Transfer by modern clean touristic vehicle

Professional high qualified tour guides

Excursion Excludes:


Any extras not mentioned in the itinerary


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