Wael EL Toukhy - местный частный тур гид в стране Египет

Hi everyone,

I’m Wael (Wella),

Egyptian Tour Guide & Historian and Egyptologist,

• Over 15 years - Since 2005 start from scratch in all Egypt locals tourism colors, which is going to help and guide you in this travel, formerly I used to works for many international tour operators as well, so you can say a local tours guide and tours operator as well. I do all Tours & Activities in all sides of Egypt Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria, Sharm Elshiekh and Hurghada, supported with great partnership with the main supplier in safari desert trips , sea boat trips for snorkeling or diving , historical tours…etc. The Tailored tours it’s a piece of cakes for me, just give me the days and dates and let me suggest the best for you to save money and time with highly lines of safety.

Why to book with me??

• Prices are 100% guaranteed to be the lowest in Egypt for a wise fair service, No hidden costs - the price you see is the price you pay with great value for money.

• My recommended tailored or fixed tours for all ages and I keep in mind kids and old ages travelers.

• As a local tour guides we have a huge amount of knowledge, so you’ll leave our Tour with a new understanding of the ancient & new Egypt, people and the land, and happy to answers all your burning questions.

• To Change or update your tours dates free of charge, or Cancel your activity without paying a penalty just a few days before.

• We Speak Your Language to Personalized Travel Services easily.

• Fast and easy booking system, Up to the minute availability and automated confirmation. High Quality Service guaranteed and Customer Service available 24/7

After more than 15 years of experience we are a specialist in all leisure trips we are an Egyptian/ English company with many years of experience in offering exemplary customer service. Our company is one of most proficient tour operators and choosing us is the right decision, our guides are all experts in their fields, with High Quality Tours of EGYPT.

• Please feel free to ask any questions you had and try to follow the rules of this journey that has provided by Itanary notebook, because it’s the only way we guarantee your safety and having an enjoyable trip!


Professional local Tour Guide - EGYPT

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