NORTHERN CIRCUIT 9 days + 2 nights hotel |

Язык Английский, Французский, Немецкий, Испанский
Стоимость 2100 USD за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 5 человек
Длительность 1 неделя 2 дня

This route rolls up the best that all other routes have to offer. If you’re looking for beautiful scenery, plenty of solitude, a healthy challenge, and a chance to spot wildlife, this is definitely the route for you.


The Northern Circuit route is less traveled and offers a more isolated and wilderness experience. This remote nature also means that the route has fewer facilities, making it a more challenging and rugged experience for hikers.


The northern circuit is typically completed over 9 days, which is longer than the 5-8 days taken on other routes. The longer duration allows for a more leisurely pace and through the different vegetation zones along the way.


This trail covers a distance of about 70-80 kilometers (43-50 miles) and over 9 days. The ascent is around 4,000 m (13,123 ft) from the starting elevation of 1,800 m (5,906 ft) to the summit of Kilimanjaro at 5,895 m (19,341 ft).


The Northern Circuit route offers a different and more diverse scenery including views of the Northern and Eastern slopes of Kilimanjaro, which are less frequently seen by other routes.


The Northern Circuit route passes through different vegetation zones, including the Montane Forest, the Moorland, and the Alpine Desert, providing a more diverse range of habitats for wildlife.

Is Northern Circuit Route for Me?

The Northern Circuit route is a 9 day climb, which is the longest route in terms of time and distance travelled. The days spent at around 13,000 feet are great for acclimatization, resulting in the highest success rates for all routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. With a high success rate, incredible varied scenery and a very low number of visitors, the Northern Circuit route is certainly one of the best routes on Kilimanjaro. On average you can expect to hike for 6-8 hours per day, covering a distance of about 8-15 kilometers. The maximum daily vertical gain in a day is about 1,150 meters, with an average being 440 meters per day.

Northern Circuit Route Prices

We do no compromise on safety and quality, so our prices are not the cheapest. However, they are also not unreasonably high like some other companies. We take a lot of pride in the value for money we provide to each and every client.



Return transfer from Kilimanjaro International Airport to accommodation in Moshi

Return transfer from accommodation in Moshi to the entry gate into Kilimanjaro National Park

Entry fees:

Park Fees: all park fees collected by Kilimanjaro National Park (conservation fees, camping fees, crew fees, vehicle fee, rescue fee and all others).


Accommodation at hotel in Moshi.

Tented accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro (modern comfortable 4-season North Face VE-25 tents)

Please note: by default, you will share a room and a tent with your travel companion. If you travel solo on a group expedition, we will room you with a same-sex participant. Single supplement is available upon request.


Breakfast in the hotel before and after the hike

All meals on the hike. You will find delicious energy-rich meals on our mountain menus. Our professional chefs will prepare assorted soups, garnishes, several types of fish and meat, fresh fruit and vegetables. Vegetarian/gluten-free/halal options are available at no extra cost

All drinks on the hike (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water)

Hiking and safety equipment:

4-inch (10-cm) thick and comfortable sleeping mats;

All group equipment (dining tent, table, chairs, crockery and cutlery)

If you choose extra comfort package you additionally will have walk-in tents, sleeping cots, hot water bottles for the night as well as portable toilets included

Oxygen cylinders and oximeters

GPS-tracking service

Complete medical kits including Diamox.

Climbing crew:

Professional guides licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park. All guides are holder of Wilderness First Responder certification. All of them have 7+years of successful experience

Dedicated support crew (assistant guides, camp master, porters, cooks, etc.)


18% VAT, 1% TDL and 0.3% Service Levy. We have honest and responsible tour operator working in full compliance with the tax law of the United Republic of Tanzania.


International flights

Tips (250-300 USD per climber for the whole mountain crew)

Visa fee (100 USD for American citizens and 50 USD for all others)

Personal gear rentals

Lunch and dinner at the hotel (before and after the climb)

Portable toilets (if required - 250 USD per unit, one can be shared between 3 people)

Mountaineering insurance. You'll need special insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro that covers high-altitude trekking up to 6000 m

FAQs for Northern Circuit Route


The 9-day Northern circuit route allows your body to acclimatize the best as you climb Kilimanjaro. Despite the longer trek duration, this route feels the easiest on the body. Needless to say that good firness levels are still required for this trek.


The Northern Circuit Route is 88 km or 53 miles and can be done in 8 or 9 days. The average daily altitude gain is about 440m mainly because of the much higher starting point at 2360m and the longer duration of the trek. On the summit night you will climb 1150 m from School hut to Uhuru peak.


The Northern Circuit is the longest route up Kilimanjaro which gives the best chance for acclimatization. Whilst there are no official statistics, the average success rate across all operators is 90%. However, we have a summit success rate of over 98% for the Northern Circuit Route!


The main approach will take you through the rich Lemosho forest and across the Shira Plateau. Then as the climber traverses around to the remote and rarely-visited north side of Kilimanjaro, the scenery becomes more arid and austere. It is so remote here that the shy eland are often seen as well as the occasional buffalo that come to lick minerals from the natural caves on the high slopes of Kilimanjaro.


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