Trekking In The Sahara Desert

Язык Английский, Французский, Испанский
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Длительность 3 дня

Trekking In The Sahara Desert is an experience that cannot be matched and provides an adventure that is unmatched. The enormous dune fields give off a genuine feeling of isolation and space, and the panoramic views from the summit are just amazing.

Our sample trekking itinerary begins after three days and includes wilderness camping and off-the-beaten-path walking in the pristine "Iriqui National Park," where your only chances to contact with people are probably when you come across nomadic families or the odd shepherd.

One perk of living in the desert is being able to camp under the stars and enjoy music around the campfire. Here, time stands still and nothing is hurried. Every meal must include numerous glasses of Moroccan tea and freshly baked bread broiled in the scorching sand.

One of the trek's highlights is the Erg Chigaga huge dunes, which span over 40 kilometers and reach heights of up to 300 feet. Our trekking paths lead via other remarkable scenery, like the dunes of Erg Zahar and Erg Sedrar.

Set out on a tour through the Sahara Desert that will never be forgotten. Here, you may escape the stress of daily life and really appreciate the peace and beauty of this amazing place.


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