Bucharest's scars of Communism-half day private walking tour

Язык Английский, Итальянский
Стоимость 130 EUR за экскурсию
Количество участников Группа до 10 человек
Длительность 3 часа

Find out the gruesome past of a mass social experiment. 100 years of Romanian Communism in just a few hours. See the places&hear; the history that have marked the darkest period in Romanian history.

We start downtown, with the birthplace of the communist party; how it all began and the Soviet connections.

We continue on to University square and the violent night that changed Romania's recent history and geopolitical destiny. See the graffiti.

Reach the Revolution square with outside view of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party; here you find out about the years of the dictatorship, from the Soviet occupation to the inevitable disaster that ended it, the main characters and the causes for revolt. Outside view of the Congress hall.

After a quick subway ride, check out the ruins of the unfinished Communist history museum haunting the west-central part of the city.

End the tour in the Utopian administrative center of the 1980s with an outside view of the Parliament Palace.

The tour is customizable to your preferences.


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