Razvan Trancu - местный частный тур гид в странах Румыния, Болгария, Венгрия

Born and raised in Bucharest, I've been a tour designer and tailored experience facilitator for 20+ years in Romania.

Tango dancer and taichi practitioner with a penchant for cultural experiences and travel; background of law and project management degree. Not a believer of 'package tourism';.

Always willing to go the extra mile in order to provide the guest with the best possible experience. Love to translate my cultural space or deepen the knowledge of the traveler who is curious to discover more. Off and on the beaten path. . .

Passionate about exchange of ideas and world cultures.I can take you from late medieval to the recent history of my hometown, explain the architectural landscape and familiarize you with the local habits and cuisine.

I am ready to customize according to your expectations and interests. If you would like further details, please get in touch!

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