Ahmed Hassan - местный частный тур гид в стране Египет

Very professional committed tour guide. Can make you taste Egypt.

Языки English
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Carla Bright
21 ЯНВ 2023
Thank you from the bottom of my heart , you have made my journey truly memorable with your delight to share your knowledge . You are amazing but true as you usually told us when you explain monuments.
Rylee Sam
29 ЯНВ 2023
Ahmed Hassan was our personal guide he was fantastic, he explained about the history, he has a great sense of humer but more importantly, he gave us an insight of the ancient area . Everything about this tour was seamless .
Kavita Vekaria
11 ФЕВ 2023
Thank you for everything. The kids loved you and your company .your knowledge of the monuments and how you explained was fantastic.you were the best guide in our tour for Egypt. Will always cherish the visit to Cairo and the tasty kosheri and delicious Falafel we had .
Mohammed Nabil
15 ФЕВ 2023
If you are looking for a competent, friendly, knowledgable tour guide, look no further. Ahmed is definitely not one to be missed. He has a good sense of humour, he is very well versed in the ancient artifacts and areas of Cairo. I had Ahmed over 2 days and he was very accomodating towards my large family. He has contacts to get you drivers too if you need and his daily rate is very competitive. He is you all in one stop for your needs in Cairo. Responds promptly and is very professional. Ahmed thanks for a lovely time and i will definitely recommend you to my contacts in the future!
alisrael Israel
22 ФЕВ 2023
Ahmed was a very polite, knowledgeable, and a very friendly guide. We were in Egypt for three days, and Ahmed was with us all three days, and explained all the famous exhibits, and locations quite well, and detailed many historical events, and findings. After all the negativity we saw in social media about Egyptian tours, this was a very welcoming, and enjoyable tour, all thanks to Ahmed. Would very strongly recommend Ahmed to anyone looking for a guide to tour Egypt!
Christine Dawson
05 МАР 2023
Thank you for the wonderful tours. Combining a deep knowledge with humour and friendship made the two tours extremely memorable and enjoyable. Not only did we see some incredible wonders of the world, we learned a great deal too. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Thibaut Dosne
06 МАР 2023
Amazing tour with some of the most wonderful monuments of Egypt. Ahmed definitelty made the trip more enjoyable with his knowledge, his energy and his sense of humour. I totally recommend him if you need some deep dive of the Egyptian history.
Jann Olynyk
12 МАР 2023
We hired Ahmed Hassan as our private guide. He is an amazing tour guide. His command of the English language is excellent. He is very knowledgeable about Egypt and Cairo. He made our day fun and interesting. We had a blast with him. I highly recommend using him as a guide. Thank you Ahmed. We will always remember you and if we get back here we will use you again. P.S. And you are handsome. Lol 😂
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