Godfrey Mfitumukiza - местный частный тур гид в странах Уганда, Руанда

Hello! I am Godfrey, Private Tour Guide. I was born and raised in beautiful country Uganda and currently living in Rwanda "country of a thousand hills". Rwanda is such a beauty that you won't believe a place like this still exists any where in the world. I would like to present this country to you!

Well, Uganda is just another place you need to visit and proudly tell others about your new discovery. If you love photography, nature, freshness, culture or beer, have this country on your next travel bucket-list! And I can help you realize your dream!

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Valerii palchuk
14 ОКТ 2022
It was greate! Godfrey is so friendly, gentle, tranquil and good man. He is one of the best driver in Uganda, I think! Game driving with him was vary various and interesting, we saw so many animals how it was possible. All orgnisation, in every national park was perfect, without no one delay. Planning of program include all the best that you can see in Uganda in 9 days. Thank you Godfrey, Thank you Pearl of Africa! I hope to see you again.
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