Serku Sherpa - местный частный тур гид в стране Непал



You are heartily welcome to Nepal. This is Serku Sherpa; originally from Solukhumbu, Mt. Everest region of Nepal. I live in Kathmandu. I am a trekking and tour guide as well as trips organizer in Nepal and Tibet. I am a trekking and tour guide license holder and a well-experienced guide with since a decade experienced in trekking.

Moreover, I like to work for the needy people in the remote areas of Nepal by providing them with education and health services in the areas. As I am grown up from the same condition and from the same place; I have keen interest to help them so while I am earning I share some of my income to the required locality in need of health services, stationery goods and sponsoring the poor kids who are deprived of school.

Языки Английский, непальский, Tibetan Standard, Tibetan, Central
Валюты Непальская рупия (NPR)

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