Rasha Hamidi - местный частный тур гид в стране Алжир


Hello, my name is Racha, I was born and raised in Algeria, I finished my studies in tourism and hotels, and i have deplome in English and communication that made me follow my passion that guiding peaple and helps them to know the history and culture of my country. I have a good experience with a multi-national tourist, and deplomate around the wold I have been welcoming visitors to my unique city since I was sixteen years old, thanks to my grandfather, one of the oldest guides of Algiers, who, through his experience, conveyed to me the passion of our family for Algeria. I love being a guide in Algiers because clients with me feel like they are experiencing the city from a totally different and exclusive perspective: the eyes of the Local ! My goal is to leave you with best authentic experience of Algeria, rich in funny stories, legends and millennial traditions, to make your visit exclusive! The real Algeria can only be discovered through a real Algerian city and I am here ready to guide you through this amazing labyrinth!

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