Rami Al-Hijazi - местный частный тур гид в стране Ирак

Hello! 😁

I'm Rami, 26 years old. I'm actually a translator, interpreter, and tourist guide. Together, we will have the most memorable tour you have ever had!

We will have a lot of fun sharing knowledge, getting acquainted with each other, and exchanging our traditions and cultural insights. I will take you on a tour of the cradle of civilization, the point from which the world began.

Our journey will begin by visiting the main attractions in Baghdad, such as:

Iraqi National Museum, which contains precious relics from the Mesopotamian, Abbasid, and Persian civilizations. Mutanabbi Street: The street is the historic center of Baghdad bookselling, a street filled with bookstores and outdoor book stalls. Abbasid Palace, an ancient Abbasid complex and an Iraqi historical palace located near the Tigris River, Al-Mustansiriya Madrasa, was a medieval-era scholarly complex that provided a universal system of higher education; it was established in 1227 CE. Imam Kazem mausoleum is the great-grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the Martyr Monument landmarks Memorial is dedicated to Iraqi war soldiers. Also, there is a Taq Kasra Large, an ancient archeological relic of a stone archway that is thought to date back to the 3rd–6th centuries. Imagine this is just in Baghdad still; we have a lot to discover; there are The Ziggurat of Ur, Marshes, Babylon, Hatra, and Minaret of Samarra.

Together, we will enjoy and have fun, especially with a guide who has knowledge, communication skills, and a sense of humor. Let me be your guide to a world of exploration and discovery.

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