Aral Sea Excursion

Langue English, Kazakh, Russian
Prix 399 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Tout nombre de personnes
Durée 3 jours

It’s time to tick an item off your bucket list.

Have you ever wanted to see a rocket launch?

Will you be in Kazakhstan on December 7th or December 17th?

Two launches are planned from Baïkonur Space Station in Kazakhstan before the end of 2017.

It is very expensive to get on-site and you need to send you application to the Russian government months is advance.

We have the alternative: The Kazakh Steppe is huge and flat… we can see that launch from hundreds of kilometers away. Let’s watch it from the steppe, have a Kazakhs-style picnic and take a drive around the space port.

Save at least 60% off the usual price.


Day 1 – arrival of guests (by train/bus), pick up and transfer to Hotel in Toretam

Day 2 – Drive to Kazakh Steppe

o Watch Rocket Launch (day or night)

o Lunch/Dinner on the steppe

o Trip along the spaceport

o Drive to Aralsk

o City tour of Aralsk

o Dinner/Snack at local hotel/restaurant

o Night at local hotel

Day 3 – Expedition to the Aral Sea

o Visit the ship graveyard

o Visit the Big Aral Sea

o Homestay in the village Kulandy (Barsakelmes Nature Reserve),

Speak to the locals about the effect of this natural tragedy on their lifestyle and survival

Day 4 – Visit to the Kokaral Dike

Instrumental in the re-development of fishing and agriculture in the area

o Fishing the local way

o Night in Aral Sea Hotel

Day 5 – Return to Aralsk for train/bus/airport drop-off

We can help you find the best transport options to come and go at the cheapest possible price.

Photo credit: Kest Vladirimovich

A deposit of 20% will be asked for upon reservation. 10% will be returned if the date of the launch should change and you can't make it anymore.


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