Winter tourism in Azerbaijan!

Langue Azerbaijani, Anglais, Allemand, Russe, Turc
Coût 120 USD pour l'excursion
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Shahdag Mountain Resort

The height of the mountain Shahdag, which serves as the basis of the ski resort, is 4,243 meters. On this mountain, there are 19 kilometers of tracks for tourists to the Shahdag Mountain Ski Resort & Complex. As in many ski resorts, the complexity of the slopes can be distinguished by color: green, blue, red, and black. Shahdag ski resort is the first and biggest ski resort located in the Gusar district near Shahdag National Park. Gusar region is located in the southern part of Azerbaijan and bounds with Russia. Gusar region is covered by forests and very rich with its flora and fauna as Guba. In this ski resort, there are a lot of hotels, golf clubs, ski resorts, and cottages. A few kilometers beyond Shahdag resort is the delightful village of Laza with an array of high waterfalls that look splendid when frozen. In Shahdag Mountain Resort there is everything you need for outdoor activities, there are four convenient and safe lifts, ski and snowboard equipment rentals, there is also a ski school and a variety of cable cars. The winter season in Shahdag begins in the second half of December and finishes at the beginning of April, depending on snow conditions. On the way, you will also be able to see the Red Village, a 100% Jewish settlement, the biggest outside Israel, and the USA. After the village, we will head to the resort.

Complex “Shahdag” – Gusar. It is amazingly beautiful nature with untouched flora and fauna.

Tufandag Mountain Resort

Tufandag, on the other hand, has fresh air and soothing silence that will be a welcome variation to the drab of the metropolises. It combines a rustic atmosphere with easy urban convenience. And is predominantly a family-oriented resort. Tufandag Mountain Resort offers its visitors a natural scenery of incomparable beauty and harmony. Set like a jewel in the crown of mountains that surround it, Tufandag Mountain Resort is a must see place for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Tufandag Mountains Resort is located 4 kilometers far from Gabala city. The resort allows visitors to enjoy different extreme sports and tourism activities in the harmony with nature.

The hotel is located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, on the banks of the River Demiraparan and is 20 kilometers far from the Gabala International Airport. The rooms of the hotel are decorated with special warm colors in art deco style. There are two main restaurants, a snack and fast-food restaurant, a spa, a beauty salon, a steam room and other services

During the winter season visitors can enjoy recreational activities such as skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, and snowboarding. The ski slopes of the Tufandag complex provide visitors with unforgettable moments with its a 1000-meter vertical downhill, 15-kilometer ski slopes and 4 rope lines.


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