2-Day trip to the Marshes of Chibayish and the Ancient site of Ur

Langue Arabe, Anglais
Coût 200 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Groupe jusqu’à 4 personnes
Durée 2 jours

A 2-Day trip to the Marshes of Chibayish and the Ancient Site of Ur

Day 1: Baghdad - Nasiyriah

• Drive to Nasiyriah province to marvel at the well-preserved Ziggurat of Ur, a pyramid-like stepped temple tower dating back to around 2100 BC, during the time when this ancient city served as the capital of the Neo-Sumerian Empire.

• In the evening, we will walk in Nasiyriah main market street. Overnight stay in Nasiyriah.

Day 2: Nasiyriah - Chibayish Marshes

• Morning venture to the Chibayish Marshes, home to a community living in reed houses, embracing a way of life dating back to the ancient Sumerians. Interact with the local Marsh Arabs, followed by an exhilarating boat tour through the marshes, witnessing the reeds, swimming buffaloes and various bird species.

• Enjoy a delightful lunch of masgouf fish in a reed house, followed by a glass of hot tea.

• Drive back to Baghdad.


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