Gurja Himal Trek Overview

Langue Chinois, Anglais, Français, Hindi, Japonais
Coût 465 USD pour l'excursion
Nombre de personnes: Une personne
Durée 1 semaine 4 jours

Take a trip of a lifetime and become one with the breathtaking natural splendors of the Gurja Himal Trek. The gorgeous Himalayan range hides this undiscovered treasure. The journey will leave you in awe of its unspoiled beauty. Gurja Himal is located in the western part of Nepal. It provides trekkers with an experience. The experience combines challenging terrain.

The Gurja Himal Trek is the ideal option for anyone looking for an adventure off the beaten path. It is a relatively new hiking location. It is also less popular among hikers. This walk gives you the chance to interact with nature in its most natural state away from the crowds.

Panoramic views will meet you as soon as you step foot on the trail and will win your heart. Over 7,000-meter-tall Gurja Himal peaks dominate the skyline, providing a captivating backdrop for your expedition. You will be in awe of the spectacular scene that is formed by the snow-capped summits, gushing waterfalls, and towering cliffs at every turn.

The chance to interact with the kind and inviting local inhabitants along the way is one of the pleasures of the Gurja Himal Trek. There are several other ethnic groups in the area, including the Gurungs, Magars, and Thakalis, all of which have their own customs, languages, and way of life. Interacting with these people offers a cultural immersion that is as enlightening as the surrounding natural splendor.

The hike itself offers a wide variety of topographies and scenery. You’ll travel through dense forests rich with unusual plants and animals, cross picturesque rivers on suspension bridges, and negotiate difficult ridges that will put your strength to the test. Throughout the journey, the constantly shifting scenery captivates you and rewards you with distinctive vistas at each turn.

Outline Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel

Day 2: Kathmandu- Beni by local bus

Day 3: Beni-Darbang . trek to Dharapani which is 2.5 hours trek and situated at altitude of 1565 m

Day 4: 8 hours Trek to Gurja khani through Gurja pass (3255m)

Day 5: Side trip to base of gurja himal which is about 5-6 hours walk

Day 6: Trek to Gurja Ghat / Dhorpatan which takes about 8-9 hours passing through Rugachaur pass

Day 7: A optional trip to Tibetian Bonpo Monastery or you can rest for the day

Day 8: About 5-6 hours Trek to Lumsung through Jaljalla pass situated at (3400m)

Day 9: About 6 hours trek to darbang

Day 10: Back to pokhara.

Day 11: Pokhara-Kathmandu .


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