Milan Gočmanac - местный частный тур гид в стране Сербия

I am 50, married, and the father of two beautiful kids. I have over 35 years of experience in mountaineering and sports, and I am the owner of the licensed Sport-Mount Guide of UIAA and Mountaineering Sports Operations Couch. I actively practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I research nature, history, and Serbian tradition. I am the founder of the association "Meet Serbia."

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Dimple Sharma
26 ФЕВ 2022
Our experience with Milan was so amazing, our itinerary was of 1 day to western Serbia going through central Serbia, Milan is punctual, well informed, so fun to talk to, he covered all the spots on our itinerary as we planned and for anyone who loves taking pictures Milan knows his way around the camera (amazing Instagram pictures) He drives safely and keeps your comfort in mind at all times and last but not the least he suggests really good food! Overall it was a fantastic experience 5/5 rating!
12 СЕН 2022
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to serbia with milan. He fulfilled all our aspects of hiking/paragliding/horse riding/nature trails. He took us to most untouchable places where regular tourist might not know about. He is passionate about the landmarks he showed us and goes beyond to gain and share his knowledge. All the arrangement done by him was great. He is friendly, punctual, love his job. He also captured ours some of candid moments on camera. We highly recommend milan, best guide in serbia.
15 ИЮЛ 2023
To start with, Milan is an awesome human being who does things from his heart. He's a kind soul, knowledgeable, genuine and funny too. We were a group of 6 people who found Milan using this platform and from the beginning felt he's the GUY! We did an overnight trip with him to Zlatibor & Tara mountains, and he did everything to make this trip unique and memorable one. He went out of the way to find an amazing cottage for us to stay at the Tara mountains, organized sumptuous dinner, local breakfast & activities like horse riding and river rafting which was not just ordinary. Everything had a 'Milan touch'. I have travelled over 20 countries and has come across a lot of tour guides but trust me, Milan is special!!! Look no further if this man is available!
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