Iran Desert Tour

Language English, French, Persian (Farsi)
Cost 2800 USD for tour/excursion
Capacity Group of up to 5 people
Duration 3 weeks

Iran Desert


Service Type:  B & B Service

Duration: 21 days - 21 nights

Cities to visit:

1. Day 1 →  Tehran

2. Day 2 → Kashan

3. Day 3 → Kashan

4. Day 4 → Na’in

5. Day 5 → Mesr Village

6. Day 6 → Bayazeh Village

7. Day 7 → Tabas

8. Day 8 → Isfahak Village

9. Day 9 → Gonabad

10. Day 10 → Birjand

11. Day 11 → Birjand

12. Day 12 → Dehsalm Village

13. Day 13 → Shafiabad Village

14. Day 14 → Bam

15. Day 15 → Kerman

16. Day 16 → Sar Yazd

17. Day 17 → Yazd

18. Day 18 → Yazd

19. Day 19 → Isfahan

20. Day 20 → Isfahan

21. Day 21 → Departure


Day 1 → Tehran

Arrival to Tehran, Check into the hotel; then a full day city tour in Tehran.

Overnight stay will be in Tehran.

* Golestan Palace

* Tehran Grand Bazaar

* Archeological Museum

* National Jewelry Museum (limited)

Day 1 → Kashan

You will drive to Kashan in the morning; overnight stay will be in Kashan and the tour will include: 

* Tabatabai Traditional house

* MirAhmad Hamam

* Kasha Bazaar

* Fin Garden

* Aqabozorg Mosque

Overnight stay will be in Kashan.

Day 3 → Kashan - Maranjab Desert

You will drive to Maranjab Desert called Band-e Rig in the morning in a SUV (65 k away from Kashan); but on the way to Maranjab area, you will stop to visit the under ground city of Noshabad. (10 km away from Kashan). The next stop will be the sand dunes 30 ks away. Then you will see an unusual desert lake called the salt lake. Next, you will drive to see a 400 year old caravansary on the ancient road connecting Kashan to the Silk Road network. The caravansary is highly restored to a restaurant and hotel; so it’s the only choice but good to have lunch in that traditional place. After lunch, you will spend some time walking in the desert and the sand dune nearby, and later drive back to Kashan. Overnight stay will be in Kashan.

* Noshabad under ground city

* Band-e Rig sand desert

* Maranjab caravansary

Overnight stay will be in Kashan.

Day 4 → Na’in

You will drive to the city of Na’in (225 km away), but on the way, you will first go to visit the red village of Abyaneh, 90 km away from Kashan. The village visit will take almost one hour. The next stop will be in the little town of Ardestan to visit its Jameh mosque which is 95 km away from Abyaneh. Next destination will be in Na’in, another 95 km away. In Na’in, you will visit a 450 year old house converted to a museum for the desert, as well as visiting its authentic Jameh mosque and walking in the old town for a while.

Overnight stay will be in a boutique hotel in Na’in.

* The red Village of Abyaneh

* Ardestan Jameh Mosque

* Museum of the desert located in a 450 year old House of Pirnia

* Na’in Jameh Mosque

Day 5 → Mesr Village

This day’s destination will be the village of Mesr 275 km away from Na’in. But through the way, the tour will include a visit to the little town of Anarak (78 km away), and next to the village of Iraj (another 138 km away). Then you go to visit the beauty of an oasis village of Garmeh 25 km away from Iraj. After visiting Garmeh, you will drive to the desert village of Mesr in 85 km distance.

* The Anarak Caravansary and old town

* The ruins of the castle of Iraj and its old Cypress Tree

* The village of Garmeh

Overnight stay will be in Mesr Village.

Day 6 → Bayazeh Village

In the morning, after an early checking out from the hotel in the village of Mesr, you will start your desert excursion taking a 4WD; the excursion will include some desert highlights such as sand dunes, the abandoned village of Arusan, Cal Kalaq valley, and so on. You will have a picnic lunch and tea on the fire during the tour.

Next, in the afternoon, you will drive back to Mesr village to take your car to go to the village of Bayazeh, 110 km away.

Overnight stay will be in the village of Bayazeh.

* the historical Castle of Meybod,

* Mesr desert highlights

* The abandoned village of Arusan

Day 7 → Tabas

You will visit the old castle of Bayazeh which was once a hideout to the famous Assassin radical group.The castle is a multi-level construction which is still standing and open the visitors. Next, you will drive to Tabas through the city of Khor and stop to visit the stunning desert lake of Khor covered with salt. The salt lake features are some of the highlights. You will also stop to visit the salt waterfall on the way in a desert resort area. Then you will take the road to arrive to Tabas in the afternoon (136 km from the Salt Lake). In Tabas you will visit the Hosein Ibn Mosa Alkazim Shrine and then the Golshan Garden.

Overnight stay will be in Tabas.

* The old castle of Bayazeh

* Khor salt Lake

* Potas Desert Resort Area

* Potas Salt Waterfall

* Hosein Ibn Mosa Alkazim Mausoleum

* Golshan Garden

Day 8 → Tabas

On this day, you will take an excursion around Tabas; first you will drive to a valley called Morteza Ali which is 28 km away from Tabas. It’s famous for its hot and cold water springs going side by side. The excursion will be a hike in the water and through the valley which also requires the visitors to wears special rubber shoes for water. At the end of the valley you will see a 400-year-old water dame called Shah Abbas Arch. The tour will include a picnic in the area as well. The next stop will be the hill-top ruins of a 400 year old castle in the village of Khorve on the way back to Tabas.

The next stop from Tabas will be a short drive to Isfahak Ecolodge 35 km away. In Isfahak, you will stay in restored houses converted to boutique hotels. The tour will include a hike around the village and its palm groves. You will be also taken to the restored mosque and the Hammam of the village.

Overnight stay will be in the village of Isfahak.

* Khorve Valley Excursion

* Khorve Castle

* Morteza Ali water springs

* Shah Abbas Dame

* The village of Isfahak

* Isfahak palm groves, Mosque and Hammam.

Day 9 → Gonabad

Today, the destination is the city of Gonabad and the tour will include 350 km, more than 4 hours driving and two stops through the way. Anyhow, you will drive to Gonabad (340 km from Isfahak) through Kal Jenni canyon ( 75 km from Isfahak) and the Assassin castle of Boshroyeh 95 km from Kal Jenni. From Boshroyeh to Gonnabad is another 165 km slow driving through the mountains.

Overnight stay will be in Gonabad.

* Kal Jenni Canyon

* Boshroyeh Old Town

* Assassin castle of Boshroyeh

* Water Mills

Day 10 → Birjand

Today after checking out from your hotel, you will see Gonabad Qanat system which is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO ; A Qanat is an ancient underground tunnel constructed by the Old Persians to lead water from the interior of a hill or mountain side to a village or city below. Next, you will go to visit Gonabad Jameh Mosque, which is one of the rare buildings survived Mongol invasion in 1216 by Genghis Khan (1162–1227), founder of the Mongol empire.

Then you will drive to the nearby little town of Beydokht which is home to one of very famous Sufi Order of dervishes called Ne’mat Allahi Order. Here in Beydokht, you will visit a Sufi mausoleum named Mazar-e Sultani which is the burial place of some Gonabadi dervishes, including Sultan Mohammad Gonabadi and Noor Ali Tabandeh.

Next, you will drive towards Birjand which is almost 218 km from Beydokht.

Birjand is located in Southern Khorasan, and famous to be home to the ancient Iranian heroic stories; so it’s home to the very authentic ancient Iranian Zorkhane, which traditionally was used to train worriers of ancient Persia.

After arrival to Birjand, you will check in to your hotel, and in the evening, you will go to visit to one of the most famous Zorkhane in Iran.

Overnight stay will be in Birjand.

* Gonabad Jameh Mosque

* Gonabad Qanat, an ancient still-existing underground aqueduct

* Mazar-e Sultani in Beydokht, a Dervish Mausoleum

* Birjand Zorkhane, an ancient Iranian gymnasium

Day 11 → Birjand

Today on the agenda will be two sites of Makhonik village of Lilliputian people and the Castle of Forg. You will need to have a local guide and a long with the driver, you will go to visit first the little authentic village of Makhonik in a 138 km distance. This village is known as the village of dwarfs or the Lilliputian of Iran because of its short inhabitants. Next, you will drive another 112 km to go and see the 300-year-old castle of Forg on high mountains. The Forg castle was constructed as a military post during Nader Shah Afshar ( 1736-1747) to protect eastern borders. Next you will drive back to Birjand ( 100 km away). In Birjand, you will go to see the 400-year-old Castle of Birjand and its old Bazaar.

Overnight stay will be in Birjand.

* Makhonik village, the Lilliputians of Iran

* The Forg castle

* TheCastle of Brijand

* Birjand Bazaar

Day 12 → Deh Salm Eco-log

This morning, after checking out the hotel, you will have a half day tour in Birjand. You will first go to see Akbariyeh Garden in the down town area which is an example of the Persian gardens listed as a Wold Heritage by the UNESCO. Next, you will see the Kolah Farangi citadel. Then, you will hit the road to go to Deh Salm eco-log 295 km away. On the way to Deh Salm oasis, you will go to visit Khan Sharaf windmills and the Martian mountains. Deh Salm is 75 km away from Nehbandan Mars mountains.

Overnight stay will be in Deh Salm Eco-log.

* Birjand Kolah Farangi citadel

* Khan Sharaf windmills

* The Martian mountains

Day 13 → Shafi Abad Oasis Village

Today on the itinerary, you will explore the Iranian largest sand sea of Rig-e Yalan with 4WD. It’s the place where the Alexander the Great’s army was stuck and lost for 60 days on the way back from their Indian conquest in 330 BCE, though survived, they lost three-quarters of their forces. Still today not many people managed to cross this wilderness which measures 54,000 square kilometers.

Visiting the Rig-e Yaklan will take roughly around 5 hours. From Deh Salm is another 200 km distance to Shafi Abad village crossing the Lut desert. On the way you will see some gorgeous land features like Yarding features and a seasonal lake.

Notice: Lut Desert is listed as World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Overnight stay will be in Shafi Abad Eco-log.

* Rig-e Yalan Erg,Unesco Site

* Illusive Desert City of Lut, Unesco Site

* Lut seasonal lake, Unesco Site

Day 14 → Shafi Abad Oasis Village

In the early morning after breakfast, you will again take your local guide and 4WD vehicles to Lut desert to see the following items:

* Kalut or Yarding Unesco Site

* Nebeka or desert flower pot

* Gandom Beryan Desert

* Agate plain

* Salt River

Notice: Lut Desert is listed as World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Overnight stay will be in Shafi Abad Eco-log.

Day 15 → Bam

Today you will leave Shafi Abad village for Bam with a local guide and 4WD car (150 km away on dirt road, plus 195 km normal road). On agenda, you are going to visit Andohjerd sand dunes (65 km) and arrive to Keshit oasis village (90km). In Keshit, you are going to see two completely contradictory elements: waterfall and desert. Keshit castle is also another highlight of today excursion.

* Andohjerd Sand Dune

* Keshit Waterfall

* Keshit Castle

Overnight stay will be in Bam.

Day 16→ Kerman

Today you will leave the hotel for Bam Castle nearby which is one of the largest mud brick historical structures in the world measuring 20 hectares. The bam castle, being constructed on the main Spice Road coming from India dates back to 800 BCE. Then, you will drive eastward for another 138 km to go and see Ra’in Castle. Next you will arrive to the little town of Mahan(80 km), famous for its oasis garden of Shahzadeh and the mausoleum of Shah Ne’matollah Vally, a Sufi dervish leader during 13th and early 14th centuries (1330-1431). Finally, you will drive to Kerman(30 km).

* Bam Castle Unesco Site

* Ra’in Castle

* Shahzadeh Garden Unesco Site

* Shah Ne’matollah Mausoleum

Overnight stay will be in Kerman.

Day 16 → Saryazd

Overnight stay will be in Saryazd.

Today you will have a half day city tour in Kerman including the following places:

* Kerman Bazaar

* Ganj Ali Khan Hammam

* Ganj Ali Khan Caravansary

* Jameh Mosque

Next, you will drive on the old Silk Road towards west to Saryazd (330 km away from Kerman) and you will see Zeyn Al Din Caravansary.

Overnight stay will be in Saryazd.

Day 17 → Yazd

Overnight stay will be in Yazd.

Today, you will visit Saryazd ancient castle nearby. Next on the program will come up a visit to the Zoroastrian Sky burials in Yazd (40 km). In Yazd, you will have the chance to learn about Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest religions on earth.

Then you will go to see a Zoroastrian Fire temple in downtown area. Yazd Old Town, being a UNESCO site, is next to explore on foot. Yazd Old Town is considered to be a mud-brick town still livable. In Yazd you will also visit Yazd Jameh Mosque, Amir Chaqmaq Plaza, Alexander Prison and Water Museum.

* Saryazd Ancient Castle

* Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

* Zoroastrian Fire Temple

* Yazd Old Town

Overnight stay will be in Yazd.

Day 18 → Isfahan

Today you will hit the road for Isfahan which is 330 km away. You will have a half day city tour in Isfahan then.

About Isfahan:

Isfahan to Iran is what Florence to Italy or St Petersburg to Russia. There is a local saying about Isfahan:” Esfahan Nesf-e- Jahan” which literally means “Isfahan is half of the World”. It seems that this expression was coined with Saib Tabrizi, a court poet of the Safavid era (1592-1676) reveals the beauty, welfare and the power of Isfahan as the capital of Persian Empire during 17 and early 18 Centuries.

Beautiful Isfahan is considered as Iran’s number one tourist destination for some good reasons; first, because it is a rare living museum of traditional art and artifacts due to existence of most authentic artisans; next for gorgeous Islamic buildings, old bridges, exotic palaces, and beautiful Persian gardens. Isfahan is the third largest city in Iran in terms of population, with almost 2.2 million people, and the city’s outskirts are the home to lots of country’s heavy industry. It is located in the center of the country; it is situated 460 km south of Tehran, 470 km north of Shiraz, and 330 km west of Yazd. Some of must-see sites in Isfahan are: Imam Square with four really beautiful monuments on it, i.e. Ali Qapu Palace, Imam, & Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosques, Old Grand Bazaar.Vank Church, Old Jameh Mosque, the Palace of Forty Pillars and Old Bridges are also some other ought to see sites in Isfahan.

Today on agenda will happen a half day city tour in Isfahan including:

* Vank Church

* Hasht Behest Palace

* Mulla Bashi Historical house

Overnight stay will be in Isfahan.

Day 19 → Isfahan

The Second Isfahan cityTour will include the followings:

You will be picked you up from your hotel in the morning with the guide. It’s going to be a full day Isfahan City Tour including a visit to Imam or Shah Square, the Palace of Forty Pillars, Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque, Imam Mosque, Ali Qapoo Palace, and finally exploring Isfahan Grand Bazaar shopping Persian handicrafts.

* Imam or Shah Square

* the Palace of Forty Pillars

* Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque

* Imam Mosque

* Ali Qapoo Palace

* Isfahan Grand Bazaar

Overnight stay will be in Isfahan.

Day 20 → Tehran Airport - Departure

You will drive to Tehran Airport through Natanz(410 km / roughly 5 hours drive)

Included Services:

Accommodation: Twin/double rooms (double Occupancy) for 20 nights in hotels 3 and 4 star hotels.

* ➢ Travel Insurance, a local Iranian Insurance Co.

* ➢ Meals: Breakfast included, B & B

* ➢ Airport Transfers: Both Arrival / Departure Transfers

* ➢ Transportation: An A.C Van, Mini-van, or Sedan car with a driver for the whole tour.

* ➢ Driver: A professional driver for the whole trip based on the above mentioned itinerary.

* ➢ 4WDriver: according to the itinerary for Lut desert - 3 days

* ➢ Tour Guide: An experienced licensed English/French/Persian speaking Tour guide for the whole trip.

* ➢ Local Tour Guide: for Lut Desert: Deh Salm, ShafiAbad, Kesht, Makhonik Village.

* ➢ Road tolls & car parking: All charges regarding transportation inside Iran is included; No international transportation is included.

* ➢ Wi-Fi and Internet: In the Hotels, generally there is a free access. But while doing the tour free Wi-Fi is provided and included.(limited)

* ➢ Visa application: just visa invitation and application is included. Visa fee is NOT included.

Excluded services:

* ➢ Visa: NO visa collection fee (from embassies, consulates or airports) is included! Just visa application is included.

* ➢ Night & Evening Tour: Not included.

* ➢ Hotel minibars: Not included.

* ➢ Hotel laundry: Not included.

* ➢ Meals: No lunch and dinner is included.

* ➢ Refreshment: Not included.

* ➢ No Hiking or Trekking equipment is included.

* ➢ Entrance fee & Tickets into the Sites: Not included.

* ➢ Tip: No Tip is included.

* ➢ Extra activity charges: NO extra charges will be included.

Tour Highlights:

Gorgeous Nature

Persian History; From ancient Persia to Modern Iran

Persian Architecture and Traditional Buildings

Persian Gardens

Persian Bazaars

Persian carpets & Handicrafts

Iranian Cuisine

Iranian Culture

PRICE: You need to contact for the quote and tour availability.


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