Kaswan Tours and Safaris is a local private tour guide in Kenya


*WHO IS STEPHEN KARANJA?* The man gearing Tours and Safaris to offer services to explore Maasai Mara and spectacular wildebeest migration, taking all tourists through the Kenya Game Parks.



Mr. Stephen Karanja is a man of the people, real turk estate personage, true advocate of biodiversity, a champion of the rights of Maasai Mara workers and mentor to many, operating in the precipitous slopes of Narok having been raised from a humble background with the zeal and zest to make all the visiting guests ever comfortable, raise the people livelihoods and living standards so high as well as ensuring conservation of the environment for wildlife dominance and escalating tourist activities in Maasai Mara. *THE REMINISCENT PUISSANT STALWART* a household asset and an icon in the community, a peace builder who has reached out to the underprivileged masses in the society which rekindles the energy of lives of the people who seems forgotten and left out in the society to the reality that an ordinary man can emerge to be the epitome of tour guide and Safaris nationally. He is a promoter of social human rights, including access to a conducive environment, fairness in work places, education for the young generation, empowering the youth and women and advocating against demeaning the Indigenous communities. He is the lead factor in Game Parks Wildlife Safaris on the famous wildebeest migration.

Mr. Stephen Karanja is an action oriented, passion driven person and a go getter who has wildlife at heart and fully committed to his work. He is the CEO of Kaswan Tours and Safaris the leading tour and safari operator in Kenya, comprising of 4×4 Toyata Landcruisers - gamedrive edition, Maasai Mara born Maasai drivers with excellent knowledge on the flora and fauna as well as the terrain in the Mara ecosystem, Tailor made tours inside the park, full day safaris, bush breakfast and lunch.

He is a member of Mara Guides Association (MGA) the first labour association organised by Maasai people in Kenya comprising of Maasai tour guides who live and work in the Maasai Mara and Serengeti ecosystems and among the most famous tourist destinations on the continent of Africa. Mara Guides are the stewards of Maasai Mara Wildlife fueling the rights to economics and social benefits accrued through wildlife related business. It empowers the youth and women to engage in tourism activities and to have equal participation in decision making processes. The MGA supports the rights of all workers in the Mara including Maasai women’s beading cooperatives to ensure such enterprises are fairly compensated and treated with dignity. The Guides have helped to secure businesses to ensure share increased opportunity with other members of the community, including women’s cooperatives and Maasai youth. They are positioned on the frontline of conservation in the Mara having collaborated with other conservation entities. It's core value is conservation of wildlife, against off-road driving to the degradation of wildlife habitats, poaching, and all forms of wildlife abuse in the Maasai Mara.

Kaswan Tours and Safaris has been instrumental to aid the most destitute needy children from the community to go to schools through payment of school fees.

The great Maasai Mara conservationist Mr. Stephen Karanja has played a key and important role in opening up a wide range of tourism destinations all over Kenya, national parks and conservancies. All the guests he interacted with depicts a sense of confidence with Mr. Stephen Karanja as they enjoy every day inside the park knowing all the roots and secrets of the Masai Mara, overwhelming wildlife such as the Great Wildebeest Migration and the very many predators.

Maasai Mara is the home of all tourist activities in Kenya, a breeding area and maternity for elephants and a sanctuary of a wide range of wildlife; female lions with cubs, families of elephants with a lot of babies, Grevy zebras, reticulated giraffes, impalas, warthogs, aardwolves seen at night, African wild cat, white-tailed mangooses, the endangered species of wild dogs, maasai giraffe, eland, lesser, cheetahs, leopards and much birdlife. Kaswan Tours and Safaris in its effectiveness and swiftness in work within Maasai Mara and beyond has opened up the Maasai land for wildlife and tourism. Through Mr. Stephen Karanja and other top tour guides efforts, the Conservancies in Maasai Mara has been turned the best places to be on tourism with qualified, experienced and competent Guides visible fruits of the community Conservancy models that has offered bursaries to children, provision of water, its tourism activities employing indigenous communities, proper land use, women enterprises like the Beadworks bringing income, herders selling their livestock at a profit, moran undertaking technical crafts and others employed as rangers all this courtesy of Mr. Stephen Karanja.

Kaswan Tours and Safaris uniquely invests so much on its staffs through capacity building programs to help the people on tourism activities and to generate income through educational tourism opening up remote areas for businesses and community engagements. Mr. Stephen Karanja has also ignited routine Teambuilding for its guides to enhance cohesion, cooperation, and communication among team members to increase productivity, efficiency and job satisfaction. Through Mr. Stephen Karanja and other stakeholders' tremendous work experience in conservation and tour safaris, he hosts accolades and decorations from the community having Kaswan Tours and Safaris rising from local to a national and international model.

Mr. Stephen Karanja is now a celebrated tour guide, qualified driver, environmentalist, community champion and conservationist, an advocate of a vibrant and relevant wildlife and tourism industry and environmental conservation whose efforts have enabled pastoralist communities in Maasai Mara to conserve the environment in ways that also improve human-wildlife peaceful co-existence as well as their livelihoods.

Notably, Mr. Stephen Karanja aims to expand tourists' activities and Indigenous movements rights and continues to have a significant positive impact on Indigenous communities globally. In his own capacity he has been on the frontline strengthening human-wildlife conflict resolution skills taking it a personal responsibility to build peace in the community.

He is highly skilled in positively engaging communities in conservation and resolving human-wildlife conflicts and issues that arise over natural resources. He has also been decorated as a holistic land, wildlife, tourism and conservation management communal expert, a conservationist who has inspired many through his quest to champion for community conservation across Maasai Mara. He has been instrumental in the design, development, and growth of wildlife and tourism activities in the region as well as the economical growth of Maasai Mara communities.

His in-depth knowledge of the challenges attached to pastoral life in Maasai Mara's harsh landscape and vast knowledge in wildlife conservation and tourism has earned him a great deal of respect.

Mr. Stephen Karanja is a promoter of tourism and conservation, a celebrated conservationist with the passion of motivating and inspiring the youth to rise beyond their standards. He is so passionate about the rights of his people, conservation, wildlife and tourism, a seasonal soft-spoken but firm iron man whose actions holds and sways many forces with a clean track record and besides planting development seeds in all corners of Maasai Mara and beyond.

Through his tremendous exemplary work, boldness and defiance to century old traditions he is now a celebrated contributor to all tourism activities and a champion of tours and safaris, environmental conservation and development of the young generation. He is relentless in quest to see his guests and the communities enjoying their full rights, empower them to participate in important decisions on issues that affect them and strengthen advocacy platforms through numerous groups to amplify their voice against violation on their human rights as well as embrace peace, improve the quality of life of pastoralist communities by harnessing holistic participation, resource utilization in food security, education, democracy and governance, natural resource management, gender equality for equitable and sustainable development.

From a normal life, humble background to a *LIFE CHANGING VESSEL,* who has shown emphatical proficiency and impeccable passion of clean, honest and competent service delivery for all.

*MR. STEPHEN KARANJA* is among *the top celebrated tour guides and environmental conservationists* in the entire Maasai Mara who is competent, experienced, tenacious, patriotic and above all a God-fearing man. A selfless man of fine mettle, disposition, sheer tenacity a crusader of social justice, a vide philanthropist, a professional of repute, a fair and a square patriot to beat.

He is a shrewd magnificent performer and a distinctive maven of honest servantship, a father figure and a vibrant person who dispenses his duties and mandates to fellow humanity and serves all and sundry with the total fear of the Lord with vast wealth of experience in tour guides and safaris, driving skills, expertise, knowledge and experience.

Today we celebrate with extol distinction of excellence the Son of the soil - *MR. STEPHEN KARANJA.*

Languages English
Currencies United States dollar (USD), Kenyan shilling (KES)

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