Top 10 Cairo’s Attractions

Top 10 Cairo’s Attractions
21 JUN 2016

Vacations are here, and you are planning to endeavor out on your own; but isn’t it a good idea to hire a tour guide? So that you can enjoy every second of your vacations just by not wasting it in looking for the top most attractions of the city you are planning to go in?

Tour guides can be of great help. The online tour guide facility will help you to get local knowledge of the city that you may don’t know even if you have visited the place like for hundreds of time. If your destination has a standing of political mayhem, a tour guide will for sure keep you safe. A talented tour guide will give you tailored exploration of the city according to your wish in a well-timed way So, if you are going on vacations and want a trip without any havoc, then one must hire a tour guide for a smooth and amazing trip. If you have planned to go to the city of ancient Egypt, ‘Cairo’ then look into this article and find out the best allures of this ancient city.

‘Cairo’ meaning the victorious city, the capital of Egypt is the largest city in Africa having a population of more than 18 million. This city is a core of Egypt and home to an intriguing amalgam of quaint folklore and up-to-the-minute technologies. Cairo is counted as world’s great mega city. It is beautiful and as ironic in historic regalia as it is semi broken-down.


  1. Egyptian Museum

This house of antiques is located right beside Mirdan Tahrir, in the Downtown Cairo. The museum opened in 1902. It contains 107 consecutively divided mansions presenting mummies, jewels and another piece of antiques from the primordial era. The gallery of relics is overwhelming not because they are archeologically precious, but a number of pieces present in there are would need a life to see everything on the show. If you are surged by the time, make an ant line straight for the Tutankhamun Galleries. There you can have a look at the highlights including Tutankhamun’s death mask and coffin, the pharaoh’s lion throne and his captivating apparel collection. Afterward don’t miss a mooch through the Egyptian Jewelry collection which contains the very charming stuff which you have ever seen in your life


Museum consists of seven sections listed below,

  • Tutankhamun’s treasures.
  • The pre-dynasty and the Ancient Empire monuments.
  • The cenotaphs of the Current Realm.
  • The monuments of the late period and the Greek and Roman periods.
  • The first intermediary era and the Middle Kingdom cenotaphs.
  • Coins and papyrus.
  • Caskets


  1. Old Cairo

It is also known as Coptic Cairo, found in 1908. It occupies 8,000 so. /m and displays 15000 objects mapping out the history of the Christian religion in Egypt. It is housed in a beautiful building which even allows the access to the Roman Tower called as Water Gate. For many travelers, the genuine acme of a stopover to old Cairo is the Church of Bacchus and St. Sergius where the Baby Jesus, Virgin Mary, and family shielded in the course of the massacre of male babies. Stepping ahead into the next quarter, you will see Ben Ezra Synagogue, which is constructed close to the spot where the Baby Moses was found. Stepping outdoor to the quarter is the earliest mosque constructed in the Egypt named Mosque of Amr Ibn-al-As.


  1. Felucca Ride On the Nile

One of the adventurous ways to experience the Nile River is by sailing on a felucca. It is a flat Egyptian traditional sailing boat which glides along the river all over the city. It is the most visited place by the tourists.


  1. Pyramids and the Sphinx

No one’s trip is complete without a visit to Giza to gawk at its huge ancient monuments. Though they are unbelievably crowded, they give an unforgettable sight. Don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen as the area is covered with scorching sun rays.


  1. Bab Zuweila Gate

There is a bustling street market, full of treasure in the Cairo right beside the Sayyidna al-Hussein Mosque. Within this market is a gate called Bab Zuweila. This is the only gate left that encircled the hoary city. This gate is a meaningful reminder of the ancient origin of the city.


  1. Khan Ali Khalili

Khan Ali Khalili, Cairo’s biggest open bazaar, includes rows upon rows of mementos, spices, perfumes, jewelry and much more. It was established in the 14th century. One can explore it and can have a lot of fun in there. The price on the label is never fixed, so one must polish their bargaining skills and should explore the market.


  1. Mosques

Al Hussein Mosque sited in the vicinity of Midan al-Hussein is one of the sacred and beautiful Mosque of Cairo. People who go into the mosque culminated upon the sepulcher part which is somewhat extraordinary and said to be the ancient part of the mosque. High vaulted ceilings, gray marble pillars, and hanging chandeliers are indeed the most mesmerizing stuff to appreciate.


  1. Babylon Fort

Babylon Fort is basically the entrance to the old Cairo. This fort was built by Persians just to protect their city from invading Romans. All that remaining parts today are the extensive towers that face the fortress' opening, the vestiges of which are obvious to one side when confronting the Coptic Museum.


  1. Arab Music Festival

Every November, Cairo is home to a festival of Middle Eastern swayed performers. One can enjoy their vacations by attending the performances of the great talented artists housed in the Cairo Opera.


  1. Cuisines

The restaurant name Felfela is a hawser that features enchanting and mouthwatering Egyptian Food in a balanced and comfortable environment. It is well known for its welcoming staff, Professional commis-chef and wide-ranging menu option. It provides notable culinary experience for tastes that ranges from pacified to the most audacious palates.

Cairo is where you really get a feel for Egyptian street life. No trip to Egypt is complete without a stay in the city named Cairo.

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